David v Goliath

David v Goliath

I know why you're here - like most of us, you've cracked, or outright destroyed your OEM 3 piece under tray and it's now hanging by threads. This is why I organized this Connex.

I researched the skid plate & under tray market for the E9X M3 and got in touch with Winston at MLT Engineering. He's an aerospace engineer by trade and fellow M3 owner. 

Winston has engineered what I believe to be the most effective, lightweight aluminum skid plate on the market, at the best price on the market.

No cutting.
No drilling.
No buying hardware. 
No "pushing" steering lines.
No adding weight.  

His skidplate is much more durable yet lighter than OEM. 

It integrates the vents for aerodynamics & cooling purposes, the rubber add ons and Winston makes it a thing to include every single piece of hardware including 2x zip ties for those that have hanging hydraulic lines from previous messy skidplate installations. 

This enables you to finally replace the OEM felt under tray with a durable skid plate that will allow you to run a lowered M3 with peace of mind.

The undertray was tested for months by local California M3 owners and group members for design revisions and durability.

I finally go Winston's tray on my personal E92 M3 - it's just like advertised: lightweight, solid, efficient. 

This is Connex I love for two reasons: 

  1. Winston is incredible to work with, working through any issues on delivering a quality product to Connex members. 
  2. When we first launched this GB after months of chatting, we had competitors looking down on Winston and myself. 

I have a knack for siding with David versus Goliath. 

Connex members have bought close to 100 in 6 weeks and the product is widely appreciated for its K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!) engineering. 

But, most of all, this Connex shows one thing expressively clear: BMW M owners want quality and support. 

This is what we’re all about. 

Available as a year-long special on EuroConnex here



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  • Marcus Banay

    The only skid plate you will need on the e9x platform. OEM++.. Packaged well and perfect fitment. My techs were impressed!

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