What the Connex is all about: exclusive product development for the BMW M community

What the Connex is all about: exclusive product development for the BMW M community

BMW M GbmH has recently began discontinuing the M Performance product line for the E9X M3, starting with one of it's most sought after product: the carbon fiber replacement mirror caps. 

I have been looking for carbon fiber replacement mirror caps in 1x1 for months - unwilling to source Chinese products from Alibaba known for poor clear clear quality. 

I reached out to Ana @ Karbonius Composites back in December 2020. They are a leading OEM subcontractor of carbon fiber composite parts and well known in the BMW M world. 

We got together to develop a brand new set of 1:1 M Performance style replacement mirror caps with the added bonus of 1x1 weave option, matching the OEM CF roof by BMW M GmbH.

Their initial design had a split weave pattern and was using a OEM ABS mirror cap, unlike the M Performance.

Ana & I convinced the product team to revise the design to the original M Performance continuous weave pattern. The caps were also developed with 3D printed OEM style brackets for a perfect fitment, it is truly OEM per my test fit.

When the EuroConnex community connexes with a leading global manufacturer of BMW pre-preg carbon fiber components: great things are bound to happen.

Pictured is the 2x2 weave pattern. Pictures by yours truly :) 

And they did. 

We have organized a group buy for over 50 sets in early 2021. We are over 80 on the list when including backlogged members.

1st batch orders are in production and will be invoiced once ready. Big thanks to @Karbonius for extending such payment terms to the community. 

For future Connex year-long orders, I am chatting with Karbonius to offer these permanently. 

Stay tuned

Thanks to everyone for trusting Ana & I on this. 


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