My second take on a wing for my E92

My second take on a wing for my E92

 A year ago I got my hands on Silvano’s MK2 GT4 wing. 

I was working on importing CSL trunks from Germany in hoping of fitting the wing to it. 

Unfortunately it never materialized. I sold the wing to @joshquan. 

Josh sent me pictures of his friend’s E92 with a CSL trunk and GT4 wing with GTS mounts. 

I got the itch. 

I finally got my hands on a used Vorsteiner CSL trunk for my E92. 

It’s time to revisit this. 

There is no way I am putting an Asian sourced replica GTS wing on my E92 M3. 

I’ve read nightmare stories about their wet carbon, fiberglass backed construction delaminating at speeds. 

Even a certain’s shop prized brand that supposedly makes these in Germany are actually sourced in Taiwan and made from vacuum infused carbon. 

They have had numerous wavy weave and paint issues. 

Silvano’s GT4 MK2 wing is the only GT4 wing you should buy. 

Having had this wing in my hands as pictured, I can attest to its quality. 

Pre-Preg, Autoclaved Carbon with titanium hardware. 

It’s light, strong, and the 2x2 weave is perfectly laid out. 

Silvano designed and engineered weight optimized GTS style or GT4 style extended mounts. 

The OEM solid GTS mounts adjustable holes also fit with this GT4 MK2 wing board.

It’s what I’m going with. 

True to specifications OEM replica GTS and GT4 MK2 wings are incredibly hard to find, and even more so at a price that makes sense. 

I’ve worked with Silvano to offer a flash group buy for 10x spots at a never-seen-before low price. 

Enjoy - you can bet I will.

*schedules appointment for side window tints*

- Matt

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