2 weeks: 1,000 + members

2 weeks: 1,000 + members

We, are, growing. 

Since launching EuroConnex.co in early February, it has rapidly grown to over 1,000 + members mostly in the E9X, E46 and E60 M communities. 

These lockdowns have me forgetting, sometimes, the actual implications of swamping brands like @slon_workshop with 100 + orders in a few weeks.

Seeing these pictures this morning reminded me how powerful the social buying community of @euro.connex can be.

Thanks to all of you for jumping on board and helping build this up. Together, we can kill the M tax forever.

We're starting to get noticed, and we're only getting started. They ain't seen nothing yet! I'm excited about the future. So many things coming in the next months that will blow everyone's mind.

My goals for the next few months are two fold: 

  1. Expand the product base via current Connex brands and new brands
  2. Expand the member base with new products 

The community will be adding new Connex'es for E46 and E60, and dabbling into F8X communities for specific products. 

Make sure to get in the loop and subscribe. You are always welcome to slide in my DMs or get in the Connex. I need your inputs! 

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