Beta testing ConnexPlus

Beta testing ConnexPlus

Beta Testing the ConnexPlus process. 

ConnexPlus is a a new, upcoming social buying format in a paid membership format. 

"Save on everything you need for your BMW M at your favourite retailers"


In short:

  1. I will open up the Build Journals for members to go beyond my personal curation and experiences. 
  2. Members will have to provide data on their upcoming maintenance & upgrade projects on a frequent basis. 
  3. I will use those inputs to source specific and better deals such as this test.
  4. Blanket discounts across the board at major BMW M online genuine & aftermarket parts retailers.
  5. Discounts will be applied automatically, directly on their website.
  6. No thresholds. No maximum quantities.

ConnexPlus will be a yearly paid membership.


For now, this is free! 


You can RSVP for the official launch here. Access to curated catalogs and social buys will forever remain free.

We're still early: the partnerships remain to be negotiated and I need to code a few new apps. 

The process needs to be tested and ironed out before being automated. 

The Beta Process:

Once you have committed to this Social Buy, I will send you an email with instructions on how to complete your order. 

Bilstein PSS10 & B16 by Turner Motorsport

To start testing ConnexPlus, I choose Bilstein B16 & PSS10 coilovers in partnership with Turner Motorsport

I run the B16s on my E60 M5 and E92 M3 along with Turner's suspension arms and hybrid plates amongst other parts.

I love the Bilstein's EDC compatibility amongst many aspects I’ve chatted on the EDC or Bust entry to Build Journal. 

It is usually a difficult brand and product to source at a discount, and impossible to offer a Social Buy on - as much as I've tried in the last year.  

I have worked with Pat from Turner (@heel_cinnam3n) to test the ConnexPlus process by offering a specific discount & free shipping in the USA.

I've selected B16 and PSS10 BMW M applications: E36 M3, E39 M5, E46 M3, E9x M3 and E6x M5/6 applications. 

Thanks for the support - let’s see how how far we can take this thing.

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