Bringing back the glory days

Bringing back the glory days

The Valve Exhaust Dilemma

Let's be honest, most valved exhaust systems for the E9X M3 sound like raspy crap - there, I said it. 

Now that it's out of the way. 

Wait I'm not done.

Most lose power too.

It is very easy to make a valve based system where the back pressure dramatically increases with the valve closed. The most common method of creating a valve system is to put the valve on the end of one of the tail pipes on a regular fixed exhaust system.

When this is done the cross sectional area of the perforated section reduces and creates a huge amount of back pressure.

This is wrong.

How to Fix the Power Problem

The most difficult aspect of the development was to keep the power output of the S65 engine the same with the valves open or closed. For the Evolve team, it was unacceptable to lose any power when the valve is closed.

The Evolve E-Tronic uses two completely different paths when the valve is open or closed. We calculate and test different lengths and cross sectional areas of perforated tubes which take different paths.

Bringing Back The Best

It is a EuroConnex Exclusive. 

Developed back in 2011 in partnership with Supersprint as its manufacturer, Evolve set out to create the ultimate all-in-one exhaust system for the E9X M3 and E60 M5. 

Loud when you wanted it to be, quiet when you needed it to be - and always making power over stock. 

Exhaust note and sound level is something that is always a compromise on a fixed system. Sometimes you feel you it’s not loud enough and other times too loud depending on what you have purchased. 

To have both in one package is the ultimate solution so you can choose.

Creating a well engineered product is not so simple especially when you have so many variables such as back pressure, power output, sound volume and sound type in the equation.

Evolve and Supersprint have gone as far as possible in their development and testing process for both power outputs, sound type and sound level.

Evolve x EuroConnex

I reached out to Imran about EuroConnex and potentially reviving the E9X M3 E-Tronic exhaust system. While chatting, we decided to add the entire Evolve exhaust system with the X pipe & long tube headers for the E60 M5. 

He makes a point to continue supporting it in the future: foundational values to EuroConnex partnerships. 

Designed for maximum performance: the Evolve tubular headers

The power is achieved by a combination of eliminating the highly restrictive primary catalytic converters and it's long tube larger diameter pipe work.

The radical design requires major changes to the ignition, fuel and VANOS maps to achieve best performance through the RPM range.  The stock DME calibration is suited to the high back pressure smaller diamater stock header system.  

Once the flow characteristics are changed by a radical design such as this it becomes essential to recalibrate the DME with a flash tune. Performance gains of between 35-50hp and 40-50 lb.ft torque. 


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