E9X M3 Retrofit BBK: Beta Testing Opportunity

E9X M3 Retrofit BBK: Beta Testing Opportunity

AP Racing Retrofit BBK by Haimus Racing
2x beta testers per kit

Big Brake Kits are a request I often get for the E9X M3, but few want to spend the high dollars required to get the off-the-shelf kits by AP Racing, Brembo and others. 

Antonio @ Haimus Racing is answering this call and looking for beta tests on 3x new retrofit BBK for the E9X M3 using AP Racing calipers. There are 3x kit types available and 2x beta testers are needed per kit. 

OEM+ Street Retrofit

Developed for street driven E9X M3s, this kit uses a standard 6 piston AP Racing caliper and is engineered to work wth standard 360x32mm OEM rotors or replacement equivalents. 

Link for more info. 

Clubsport Retrofit

This kit is ideal for track-driven cars which are also used on the road. This kit will feature AP Racing 4 piston Radi-Cal front & rear calipers.

The Lightweight Calipers combined with Lightweight rotors lower the unsprung mass at the front by 13.5kg and have an impressive pad selection. 

Link for more info. 

Endurance Clubsport Retrofit

This kit is perfect to withstand high demanding "endurance" like situations of prolonged hard braking for extended periods of time with no downtime. This could include - racing, full day track sessions, sprint events, track taxi-laps and others. 

This kit features AP Racing Radi-cal 6 piston front calipers and 4 piston rear. Pad area at the front is increased over 40% and a 34mm thick front rotor is used for better heat dissipation.

Link for more info. 


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