Mad Lads: Welcome to Australia.

Mad Lads: Welcome to Australia.

Power from Down Under

I started chatting with Vic @ Lithiumax after wrongfully thinking Lithiumax was a German made product, having been referred for German connections and seen many of their batteries sported by Ring tools and other BMW M enthusiasts in and around the Nurburgring. 

Turns out Lithumax is from down under in Australia!

My tour of the NSW car scene

I had the unique opportunity to visit the Motorsport and car enthusiast scene of Sydney back in 2016.

They have access to incredibly rare JDM market cars such as R32, R33 and R34 GTR in various, unique configurations such as V-Spec IIs, NUR specs, etc.

Coming of a season ending injury

This was back in May 2016 - I had just turned 27 and had tore my left ankle  playing ball pretending I still had it. 

I had a 3 weeks trip planned to Australia. 

Crutches, sleeping pills and self-injecting blood thinners to last the multiple flights totalling 25 hours of travel time. 

I woke up to this view. Jet lagged, 4AM. 

Welcome to Bondi. 


First order of business was hitting Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly known as Eastcreek International Raceway. 

The circuit is one of only two permanent tracks in Australia with an FIA license and is owned by the government. It was built out in 1989 and revamped in 2008, it frequently hosts Australia Touring Car Championship events.

We started the day off drifting the SR20 powered S13 of Mike around the figure 8 practice drift track to get feet wet. 

Motorsport is in their blood. 

The BMW M scene wasn't as prominent as the JDM scene for obvious reasons. Japan is close, and Australia is a RHD (Right Hand Drive) country. 

Yet, you could still find gems such as this E46 M3 sitting on airbags. 

I was lucky enough to meet with a local group of enthusiasts who showed us the rope of the scene, taking us to local car underground car meets and official events. 

One of the blokes we met was Adam, an hilariously funny dude who owned a GTR V Spec II turned to 750hp. 

We managed to blow out the belts doing midnight runs in NSW's tunnels at undisclosed speeds. 

Mad lads. 



Australia's car scene has such a focus on JDM cars, it allows them to host a festival dedicated to Nissan GTRs. 

R32 GTRs, R33 GTRs, Nismos and mind blogging R34 GTR V Spec IIs and NUR Spec. 

Stuff of teenage dreams playing too much Gran Turismo. 


Barely able to walk, I hoped in a S15 making 700 wheel from 2JZ with Matt Hill - Pro Formula D Japan driver and Scott with a LSX S13 doing tandem drift around Sidney Motorsport Park's improved drift track off their parking lot. 

Mad lads. 

The trip included multiple underground car meets - playing cat & mouse with the police as they chased us off multi story parking lots. 

I saw further JDM glory, including this Gaijin Supra MK4 making more power than it can handle - as is tradition. 

It was truly an incredible experience: the trip was tough, my mobility was limited and business wasn't all that great for us. 

Yet as time passes by, I can delimit my personal experiences taken from this trip. It was the stuff of dreams and I will forever look fondly upon it. 

Lithiumax + EuroConnex: platform for US BMW M cars launch

Considering my experiences with the Australia car scene, I wasn't surprised one bit that Lithumax was an Australian brand.

What did surprise me is what Vic @ Lithiumax offered for EuroConnex. 

Vic generously offered the EuroConnex community to be the launch pad for its US distribution efforts.

They are investing considerable amounts into inventory to support our community by providing an introductory discount to the community inclusive of sea shipping (-200$) and a no fuss warranty on all batteries,  

This is a whole new level for the Connex and I am incredibly grateful to Vic and his team for offering this opportunity to the Connex community. 

BMW M cars need a diet on a budget

As I sought to find ways to reduce the weight of my E92 M3, it became evident a new lithium ion battery was in order.

With no regards to brands preference, a lithium-ion battery upgrade is one of the best bang for your buck weight reduction strategy with no drivability impact to be performed on a BMW M cars.

Chassis  OEM Battery Weight
E9X M3 60 lbs
E46 M3 48 lbs
E6X M5 & M6 62 lbs
E36 M3 48 lbs
E39 M5 62 lbs

F8X OEM Battery Replacement Costs are High

Upon reading into F8X world, it became evident enthusiasts were stunned to discover replacement batteries were over 2,000$ from BMW. 

Many opted to revert to heavier AGM batteries, defeating the purposeful engineering of BMW M in its F8X generation to reduce weight compared to the E9X. 

Lithiumax's story

Lithiumax batteries was founded on the need for the highest quality, lightweight high performance race and road batteries. Established in 2010, Lithiumax brings you years of Lithium High Performance battery technology and experience, for all your road, off-road, boat, aircraft and race applications.

Now Australia's No.1 high performance lithium LiFePO4 batteries and accessories manufacturer, Lithiumax is a worldwide supplier of the highest quality lithium LiFePO4 road and race car, 4WD, motorcycle, powersports, aircraft and boat batteries.

Designed to be on the leading edge of quality and performance, DEKRA tested to meet tough German motorsports DMSB requirements. Lithiumax have a quality standards approach to sourcing the latest and most advanced, safe & effective lithium battery technologies available today, at the most affordable prices.

With a range of batteries at 4 power levels for various applications, Lithiumax can supply the right battery and supporting accessories you need to meet your ultra-lightweight, high-performance lithium starter battery requirements. All backed by a no-nonsense 2 year warranty.

Advantages you will notice using Lithiumax Lightweight Batteries:

  1. Lighter weight - removes up to 25Kg from the weight of your vehicle. Most typically this weight is on the extremities where it is most noticed. Installing a Lithiumax battery will provide sharper handling and improved acceleration and braking as well as improvements in fuel economy.

  2. Less wear on vehicle parts. Less weight means less stress on your vehicle systems. Lithiumax batteries gives you that edge by stripping considerable unnecessary weight so that everything from your tyres to your suspension bushes, bearings, brake pads and rotors all benefit from longer life.

  3. Higher voltage enabling your vehicle systems to run at 1V higher, every electrical system in your car, including critical ignition systems will improve due to the additional voltage and linear power delivery.

  4. Your Lithiumax battery will outlast any Lead-Acid or AGM/Gel battery 4 to 1. Lithiumax batteries can deliver over 2000 charge and discharge cycles versus approx 500 with Lead-Acid/AGM/Gel cells. Lithiumax is built to last.


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