Race on Sunday, sell on Monday: Meet Orlov Design

Race on Sunday, sell on Monday: Meet Orlov Design

Meet Dmitriy

Meet Dmitriy Orlov, founder of the product design firm bearing his name: Orlov Design. 

I first started chatting with Dmitriy in 2018 as he was looking to source GT3R carbon wide body kits for Porsche 991 projects they were building at BBI Autosport.

He still currently works at BBI Autosport, a famous Los Angeles outfit specializing in Porsche and McLaren street tuning and Motorsport preparation. 

A shared passion for the S65

We chatted a bit and struck a conversation on the E92 M3 as I had just secured my Orange Stripper. Dmitriy is a long time owner of an E90 M3 himself.

Dmitriy and I have reconnected since late 2020 as he participated in the TTV Racing S65 Lightweight Flywheel group buy. He seeks to build his S65 into a high revving 9,000 RPM Clubsport machine. 

Race on Sunday, sell on Monday.

The old adages may yet still ring true. 

Dmitriy has worked on projects that take cars into the 7s on the quarter mile, sustaining over 1500+whp. His engineering experiences have stretched to multiple Motorsport endeavours, notably building cars taking wins at the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. 
He has been in the automotive performance industry for over a decade now, developing products for brands specializing in Porsche, McLaren, BMW, Audi and VW along with Nissan GT-R, Mazda and some domestics.

Design x Function

Finding the natural balance

Dmitriy's product design philosophy is to create solutions that solve actual technical problems. He seeks to enhance performance with Motorsport integrity and a touch of design.
Orlov Design is something he started early on, doing design, engineering and product development consulting for various brands within the automotive performance industry.
I seek to constantly mesh design and function as I have a strong belief that two go hand in hand in a natural balance. 
The products range from basic bolt ons to turbo and fuel systems, safety systems, advanced aero solutions and more.

Orlov Designs x EuroConnex

EuroConnex was born and bred dealing with enthusiast owned, grassroot brands. I make it a point to continue and strengthen support them, they are and forever will be at the core of EuroConnex. 
Dmitriy is applying his product design and engineering abilities to further his personal E90 M3, and create value for the community through motorsport bred products. 

The MRTSPRT 18" Competition Wheels

Our initial collaboration starts with bringing to market the MTRSPRT wheel. It represents Dmitriy's continued experimentation with exploring processes, components and design.
I sought to create a simple design that is extremely functional and one that has been found on racecars throughout the decades. I wanted to see if I could apply it to a streetcar application.

MultiHub: Motorsport Bred Innovation

Developing the MultiHub design aspect was part of seeking out more function. He saw transport lugs on race vehicles, aerodisks, alignment tools and each 5 bolt wheel comes with a bit of unused space right at the hub.
He wanted to find purpose and give it function in the form of a standardized, robust threaded hub. The TowHub is just the start of a line of accessories, like aero disks, string alignment tools and more.

Manufactured by Titan7

Dmitriy has numerous connections in the industry, and is close with the founder of Titan7. It was a natural fit to partner with Titan7 to manufacture the MRTSPRT wheels.
Famously known for their tag line FORGED FOR ALL, Titan7 needs little introduction. They brought to market various motorsport inspired designs in a monoblock forged construction using 10,000 ton forgings at price points that are unrivaled - backed by a lifetime structural warranty.

More product development

Orlov Design will be coming out with more products for the BMW M community in the foreseeable future. 

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