The Internet wins today.

The Internet wins today.

The real deal.

The Internet wins today - we win.

In 6 weeks since this saga started - we were able to find, source and validate the actual patent holder & manufacturer of the authentic "V2" carbon fiber driveshaft for the E9X M3.

YFCM Composites & M. Lee

I received my DCT authentic driveshaft today & unboxed it tonight. I couldn't wait to show you guys.

First Impressions

The machining and overall craftsmanship is light years ahead of the Mickey-Mouse Factory V3 carbon fiber driveshaft.

Balancing weights; what are those?

There are no glued balancing weights anywhere. The only protruding piece is a rivet on the CV flange side.

I emailed M. Lee to clarify whether this is used for balancing, or to rivet the CV flange in place.

The signature carbon work

The carbon work is a work of art: it's evident the winding method of YFCM is much more researched than the pasting method of the golf club tubing of the V3.

The yellow filament, the puzzle-like weave shape in some sections, and how it all comes together is further evidence this is a thoroughly engineered product.

Patented Self-Locking Flange

The self-locking mechanism of the flange is immediately understood when you see it in person. The carbon tube locks under the machined flange and is sealed off.

The flange is visibly further machined for what I assume is to reduce weight at the furthest edge of the flange. This helps reduce the initial moment of inertia, improving drivetrain efficiencies.

The new anodized finish of the flange is a really nice touch, and further separates it from the pack as a quality product.

Overall, it appears evident this is a mature product that has seen many revisions compared to the Alpha development stage of the V3.

The curated catalog listing is here. The pre-order group buy will be available shortly. 

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