Who am I? Why EuroConnex?

Who am I? Why EuroConnex?

Welcome to EuroConnex

So why did I start this? Who am I? Am I really not a business looking to profit? 

All good questions that require a deep dive into my personal background - and why I'm here today, doing this. 

It's my personal goal to have EuroConnex develop far beyond what I can imagine and manage - that's how a community is built. Get involved, slide in my DMs, think of new ideas - the more the merrier.

Let's build it together. 

I truly believe in EuroConnex's mission: to connect M owners worldwide to factory direct deals. 


My Background

I have been in and out of the automotive industry for 15 years as an entrepreneur at various angles as an importer, distributor, manufacturer and marketer.

My first start

I started in the industry when when I was 17, in my parent's basements - hustling drop shipped parts on eBay. I quickly got a knack for web development and online marketing.

I had 150$ in my pockets to learn - I burned through it quickly, but learn quickly I did. 

This was 2007. 


My former distributor offered REMUS exhaust products. I loved the brand, the product - the margins were good, so why not?

I reached out to REMUS GmbH, the world leading exhaust system manufacturer. Remus is an incredibly strong brand in the OEM sector, however they had issues with US distribution and their aftermarket brands was stalling. 

I built out a complete website for REMUS within a month and was ranking no 1 for every Remus related keywords within 3 months. I became their best US reseller within a year and never looked back. Patrick, Knut - merci beaucoup for believing in an 18 year old's vision and relentless drive. 


I eventually branched in 2012 out from selling strictly REMUS exhaust products and built out a brand & website that acted as reseller and importer for various European brands catering to Audi S, BMW M, Mercedes AMG and Porsches. 

I worked with brands like KW, Akrapovic, HRE, Capristo, Supersprint, Eisenmann, IPE Innotech, Vorsteiner, Brembo, ADV1, Forgestar and many other wheel brands. 

Autodip & Superwrap

Back in 2014, I saw the rise of Plastidip with Fonzie @ DipYourCar.com - I found the concept absolutely fascinating. The idea of having an easy to use, removable color change product in a sprayable product was an outstanding value proposition. 

I used every single dollar I had saved and invested into R&D with research institutions in Canada to eventually put out a vinyl based sprayable, removable color change product in DIY aerosol format. 

The Autodip brand and product took off like a rocket in 2015. I ended up traveling the world to commercialize the product and visit car communities worldwide: Australia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Los Angeles, and many more. 

We exhibited at SEMA for multiple years, and I went to Vegas 7 times too many. Won Global Awards, made the News, racked up millions of views and broke a few web servers.

I drove a Ferrari 458 at 300kph on Manilla's only highway, got air time in a bagged widebody'ed Gallardo, blew the charge pipes off a widebody M4 in Malibu hills, tandem drifted with a 2JZ 750whp S15 and LSX S13 with a broken left ankle in Sydney, went for Midnight Club style runs with R35 GTRs tuned to the tits in the GSW tunnels - I lived it to the fullest and have no regrets. 

It was a roller coaster. 

This got me to realize wherever we in the world, car communities are inherently similar around their core values: we want to belong and unplug from the bullsh*t. 

I exited in 2018. 

I was drained.

Money isn't everything. I took a sabbatical year and re-center'ed around my values and principles. 

The automotive industry is back to being a hobby as I have transitioned to the tech world in 2019, a move that has reignited my passion for the industry, and our legendary platform as I no longer saw it as a business. 

I can now finally operate with no strings attached in an industry I know in and out. 

Time to have some fun. 

The initial spark to EuroConnex: Group Buys 

The Spring 2020 lockdowns changed our lives and it personally created lots of time to fill in my life. Gone were outing, socialization, I was reading enough books already and my car paint's was getting swirled from washing it every other day, blame it on boredom.

It's no secret ordering from most European brands is difficult for those of us that aren't living on the Old Continent. Blame it on culture differences, language, currency exchange, distribution hurdles, whatever - it's a PITA, and local distributors often take high margins, making these parts incredibly expensive. 

It doesn't need to be that hard, nor that expensive. 

I started working my supplier network in Europe to find rare parts for my personal E92 M3 and it snowball'ed into various group buys with over 250 members ultimately participating on M3post and Owners Group on Facebook.


In February 2021 - I decided to take this a step further and expanded the community into other M chassis and generations by building the EuroConnex brand and website. 

I'm not one to like the status quo and follow the established order. EuroConnex is a new direct-to-consumer model in our market and it's ruffling some feathers.

It's by sticking together that we can make the community heard: we want quality, we want continued support, we want great prices - EuroConnex can help us make that happen. 

It's my personal goal to have EuroConnex develop far beyond what I can imagine and manage - that's how a community is built. I need your help. 

We're over 500 and counting as of January 2021. 

Thanks to all of you for helping me making this happen - it's a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding to see other builds in the community happening with a little bit of my help.

I'm grateful for your support as it helps further my build with your participation in group buys and specials. 

Drive safe, and enjoy life. 


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  • Evangeline Mellor

    You my mate are a legend in the making. Lockdown certainly was productive for you! Well done!

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