Build Journal: Papi Express E60 M5 2006 SMG Sepang Bronze

In a true echo to the V10 M5 ethos, this Build Journal entry has best reflected a 3 months cycle of lows and highs with my E60. 

I cover the initial tuning tests, the tuning dilemma of the OE+ variant of the plenum, my AlphaN realization and chat on MAF map compatibility. 

I cover my unboxing impressions and take a dive into the final tuning made on my pre-production unit that have made their way onto the production versions.
Following up on the initial failure on fitting the BBS wheels, I faced new challenges, failures and ultimately took a step back to rethink my approach and fine tune the 20" BBS CHR fitment. I include the final specs table for you to base your fitment decisions.

I chat about why I think EDC stays true to the M5 DNA, and I document the installation process of the Bilstein B16 Damptronic coilovers. 

This journal entry covers the installation of the headers. It was done in collaboration with the guys at InnovAuto who did the installation. Thanks for the tips and tricks guys.