Build Journal: Papi Express E60 M5 2006 SMG Sepang Bronze

The engineers at BMW M developed a prototype in short order, and didn't consider the real world implications of their design.

The engineering team at Infinity Design is tackling this development project with a singular focus. 

Bye bye Papiwood: we're pulling the wrinkles back and going back to the future. OEM level quality carbon fiber interior trims for the E60 M5 are here (nearly).

The S85 was arguably the biggest step up in naturally aspirated engine development for BMW M in its entire history upon its introduction in 2005.

Yet technology moves on.

In 2022, here's how we can improve upon in one key area: the OEM sealed air intake system and engine tuning. 

A fundamentally technical & technological product that gives us an edge yet very few of us actually understand the wizardry involved. Some tuners downloaded their files from “somewhere” and sell it for cheap, others just boost throttle mappings for some placebo.