Mmm Mmm *grins*

Mmm Mmm *grins*

I sort of knew what to expect having run the equivalent carbon plenum on my S65 for the last year or so.

But a V10 just sounds different.

The V10 doesn't make the guttural & "rattly" induction sounds of the V8 in the 3,000 RPM range, but it makes up for it above 4000.

There is a noticeable increase in volume - it's flat out louder.

You control the volume with the throttle: WOT gives you all the decibels, part throttle remains mild.

It drones out my V3 headers and valved rear section with windows up.

If I want exhaust noises, I go into Lambo mode.

Fold the back seats down and lower the windows.

"The original M5 design philosophy is retained; the spectrum is simply enhanced."

I like that.

The aesthetics of the naked matte carbon paired with the @infinityautodesign air intakes is a striking contrast with the somewhat boring looking OEM intake.

Popping the hood makes for ever more interesting conversions in my fat Bronzer sedan :)

I owe you guys video clips of this and the headers, I know! I'm getting to it shortly. 

This is curated year long for S85 owners. Slide in my DMs to help you spec your carbon plenums. 

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