OEM+ S85 Carbon Plenums

OEM+ S85 Carbon Plenums

The Original Product

CarboProject's S65 carbon fiber plenum is the original product that sowed the idea to EuroConnex. I did an initial group buy in the Summer 2020 and it eventually snowballed into the launch of EuroConnex in Winter 2021. 

I have been running his S65 carbon plenum for 2 years and still love it to this day.  

It was only natural I fit the V10 carbon plenums to my M5. 

OEM + Carbon Fiber Plenum for the S85 V10

The CarboProject Carbon Plenum is developed with the OEM plastic ITB fittings with an upper pre-preg carbon lid for the enhanced sound we're all looking for.

I love the box due to its unique design: René initially developed his carbon plenums in 2007 with the Genuine BMW lower half of the plenums with an upper pre-preg carbon lid for the enhanced sound & superior engine aesthetics we're all looking for.

The lower half being Genuine BMW ensures an OEM fitment and no mission critical failure to trumpets which have happened on some carbon fiber airboxes and plenums for the S54 and S65.  

He goes to great lengths to refurbished the Genuine BMW plenum core. It is fully cleaned and new black upper clamps are fitted for a clean appearance. 

Continuous Improvements & Customization Options

As the S65 community started adopting the product en masse, we provided feedback - and he listened. 

René has improved the product and started offering various new customization options: new weave patterns, finishes, badges & stickers and increased sound options. 

Most importantly, René has improved the product design with new processes to bond the upper carbon lid to the lower Genuine BMW base of the plenum to eliminate cracking & ungluing risks. 

My Carbon Plenum Specs

My S85 Carbon Plenums are further proof to René's relentless pursuit of perfection. 

I opted for the Export Version in Naked aesthetics: no badges or stickers. What stands out about my Spec is the finish. 

The Matte clear coat's sheen level was specifically blended to match the InfinityAutoDesign Sealed Carbon Intakes that I first fitted to my S85. 

My engine bay is now proper!

I'll discuss my driving impressions and provide more installed pictures in the next entry.  

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