Signature Curves of the CSL Trunk.

Signature Curves of the CSL Trunk.

The E46 M3 CSL was no doubt a masterpiece - yet was many of us look back at it as a classic, it was back then a call to the future of BMW M.

It had many BMW M' features that we take for granted today: carbon roof, front bumper & diffuser, a composite trunk and the infamous airbox.

The changes are too profound to list in this post.

Beyond the material science and its application to BMW M street cars - the design language also evolved.

The CSL introduced roundedness in its shapes unlike most BMW designs (with the exception of the Z3M).

I find the integrated ducktail'ed trunk embodies this change the most.

The Karbonius OEM+ CSL Carbon Trunk

Many replicas came and went for these trunks. This is the Karbonius Composites version.

This is a 4x4 with primered exterior and matte clear coated interior without wing reinforcements. 

All I can say is this: whatever you think you're saving on a cheaper trunk - your body shop will weigh heavy on the pencil when it comes to your final invoice.

Mold quality and design details matter when it comes to body panels.

Karbonius delivers as always. Thanks to Ana & Bryan for making it happen with me.

I got lucky and sourced this trunk from a Connex member in the US. DHL had lost his initial CSL trunk ordered with Karbonius - and they ultimately found it. 

Karbonius was proactive and replaced the trunk prior to DHL recovering it. I helped Karbonius & Bryan out to grab the trunk and document the product for an upcoming group buy for the E46 M3 EuroConnex community. 

OEM Fitment

The Karbonius CSL Carbon Fiber Trunk was designed by using the OEM CSL Trunk (41-00-7-895-884) as the basis for its CNC machined aluminum negative mold. 

The CSL trunk is made from multi carbon pieces that are bonded together to create the trunk. Each component is made from pre-preg & autoclaved carbon fiber.

There is no fiberglass here.

The end result is an OEM+ quality part that weights barely 5.5kg over the 11.5kg of the OEM CSL trunk that was made from Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) in Italy for BMW M. 

The CSL Trunk by Karbonius includes all necessary holes for the installation of OEM accessories: lights, locks, liner, etc. 

This is another major difference with other replica kits. It is critical that provisions for the fitting of the trunk be planned before hand - otherwise this will all rest on your body shop's expertise with a drill and sand paper. 

An updated interior

The exterior design is a 1:1 replica of the original CSL trunk, while the interior has been slightly updated with design touches to make the interior more appealing as more will opt to leave the interior bare carbon instead of body coloured. 

The interior carbon fiber is clear coated for a durable and quality finish. If you do not run the CSL liner, there is an embossed section in which you can apply a M logo.

Installation Plans

I have ordered and received OEM LCI tailights, the complete light installation kit and I have a CSL trunk liner on order. 

My plan is to run the CSL liner with new drilled holes to fit the OEM tool kit as found in my current trunk. 

I got the CSL Light Kit from Turner. Here's the parts list using Genuine BMW parts. 

  • Blind Rivet Nuts: 46632347012 (2x)
  • Plug Terminal (Black): 61131378149 (2x)
  • Universal Terminal Pin: 61136931929
  • License Plate Light: 63267165646 (2x)
  • Snap In Receptacle: 61135A07B73 (4x)
  • Pin Contact: 61130070562 (2x


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