The Greatest Never Rest

The Greatest Never Rest

The Greatest Never Rest

Supersprint has been leading E46 M3 exhaust development since the early 2000s, bringing to market numerous variants that consistently improve upon their initial product designs to meet the rigorous requirements of the BMW M community.

They were the first to develop and market the stepped header configuration: a unique engineering innovation created by Supersprint to enhance power gains across all RPM, with no sacrifice to low and mid range torque often associated with oversized headers. 

The Original Group Buy

Back in March 2021, I organized a group buy for Supersprint exhaust systems for the E46 M3 in collaboration with ECS Tuning & Supersprint. It was an overall success with over 100 members participating.  

There were some limitations to kit selection due to recent EPA regulations and ECS' understandably stance on not offering catless products. The products were made to order, and unfortunately we ran into further covid supply logistic issues and the Italian holidays. 99% of orders ended up being fully delivered by November 2021. 

EuroConnex x MPower

I have been collaborating with Abdul at MPowerMotorsports for quite a while on various projects in the E9x M3 and E6x M5/M6 communities. Abdul is an avid M owner and is well known in these communities, along with being a long term owner of a mint E39 M5. 

I run their throttle actuators and ACL custom rod bearings in my V8 M3 and V10 M5. 

He has factory direct connections to various manufacturers such as Hella and Supersprint. We're collaborating on the E46 M3 Supersprint exhaust group buy to bring value to the community. 

Group Buy Part Deux

Supersprint will be increasing pricing to all its distributors on May 1st 2022 by 7% due to the ever increasing raw material & labor costs in Italy. 

Back by popular demand, I have been working behind the scenes to organize a second Supersprint group buy.

Learning from the original group buy delays and capturing an opportunity to get never-to-be-seen-again pricing and the ability to order individual parts, including the catless section 1. 

I have also put together packages offering further pricing incentives. Abdul will take fully refundable 50% deposits after locking in your order. Final shipping costs will be determined once the exhausts land in the US. 

Available Configurations

There are many configurations available for the E46 M3 for enthusiasts to mix and match to achieve their desired performance, sound, and weight targets. 

The exhausts is divided into 4 sections: 

  • Section 0: Headers
    • 60mm version compatible with OEM cats.
    • 63.5mm version to be fitted with Supersprint Section 1
  • Section 1: Front Pipes 
    • HJS Catted
    • Catless
    • Catless with Resonators
  • Section 2: Center Pipes
    • 63.5mm Twin Tube Resonated and Non-Resonated
    • 60mm Single Tue Resonated and Non-Resonated
  • Section 3: Rear Mufflers
    • Street 
    • Sport 
      • 15 lbs lighter than OE
    • Lightweight Race
      • 25 lbs lighter than OE

The Group Buy Part Deux will strictly offer the 63.5mm version of the kit.

It is the most performance oriented configuration Supersprint offers and can support power up to 400whp. The only downside is the requirement to run Supersprint Section 1 Front Pipes (catted or catless). 

The section 2 will be only available with the Resonators, critical to manage drone. 

All rear mufflers are available and will be the main factor in picking your desired sound level.  

The Phoenix's Configuration

My E46 M3 is a Sunday driver and I am willing to looking to retain civility regarding smell, yet add an aggressive exhaust tone. It will be fitted with a CSL airbox and I'd like to hear it. 

I am going with the "Complete Catted Sport Kit"

  1. 63.5mm Headers 
  2. 63.5mm HJS Catted Section 1
  3. 63.5mm Resonated Section 2
  4. Sport Rear Muffler

Fitment Notes

As an important note; Supersprint does not include installation hardware with the headers. You will need to source new gaskets and bolts if you wish to replace them. 

Headers & Section 1 Notes
V1 Stepped 63.5mm To be fitted with catted or catless 63.5mm section 1front pipes
Section 2
63.5mm  Can be fitted on OEM Section 1 and Section 3. 
Section 3  Notes
Sport & Street Muffler Can be fitted with OE Section 2.
15 lbs lighter than OEM
Race Mufflers Can be fitted with OE Section 2.
25 lbs lighter than OEM

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