RACE10+ Carbon Fiber Ultra-Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery
RACE10+ Carbon Fiber Ultra-Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery
RACE10+ Carbon Fiber Ultra-Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery
RACE10+ Carbon Fiber Ultra-Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery
RACE10+ Carbon Fiber Ultra-Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery

RACE10+ Carbon Fiber Ultra-Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery

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BMW M cars need a diet on a budget

As I replaced my OE AGM battery last Summer and sought ways to reduce the weight of my E92 M3, it became evident a new lithium ion battery was in order. 

With no regards to brands preference, a lithium-ion battery upgrade is one of the best bang for your buck weight reduction strategy with no drivability impact to be performed on a BMW M cars.

Chassis  OEM Battery Weight
E9X M3 60 lbs
E46 M3 48 lbs
E6X M5 & M6 62 lbs
E36 M3 48 lbs
E39 M5 62 lbs

F8X OEM Battery Replacement Costs are High

Upon reading into F8X world, it became evident enthusiasts were stunned to discover replacement batteries were over 2,000$ from BMW. 

Many opted to revert to heavier AGM batteries, defeating the purposeful engineering of BMW M in its F8X generation to reduce weight compared to the E9X. 

The common concerns of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries can easily match a standard AGM battery cranking power, but will often have less capacity over time - this is a major component it's 4x to 5x lighter weight. 

A major reason for this was the lack of proper battery monitoring: most manufacturers offered external monitoring and does not track total battery capacity remaining or temperatures.

Power from Down Under

I started chatting with Vic @ Lithiumax after wrongfully thinking Lithiumax was a German made product, having been referred for German connections and seen many of their batteries sported by Ring tools and other BMW M enthusiasts in and around the Nurburgring. Turns out Lithumax is from down under in Australia!

I had the opportunity to visit the Motorsport and car enthusiast scene of Sydney back in 2016. It was a truly unique experience. 

Read more about it here.

A new generation of Lithium-Ion batteries
RACE10+ : Ultra Lightweight, yet reliable. 

After a year of specific model development and decade of award winning lithium engine starter battery production; Lithiumax introduces a generation of Lithium-Ion batteries for street and track driven BMW M Cars. 

Engineered for BMW M owners
Internal Bluetooth Monitoring

Lithiumax integrated it within the battery in for ease of usage and weight & packaging benefits. It can easily be managed from a dedicated Lithiumax App! 

The Lithiumax RACE10+ Bluetooth has a RESTART feature that will cut the battery power at a safe level if it is inadvertently drained and it can then be restarted in order to start the engine from the Bluetooth Lithiumax App.

To activate bluetooth monitoring, scan the QR code at the top of the battery to download the iOS or Android App for seamless Bluetooth connection to live battery data and RESTART control capability. There is also button on the battery for restarting should your App be out of reach.

RACE10+ Carbon Fiber Engineered for Clubsport BMW M owners:
1000CA & 70Ah at 4.2kg

The all new Autosport International Award Winning Lithiumax Carbon Fiber RACE10+ LCD battery is a motorsport oriented battery for hardcore BMW M owners.

It weights 4.2 kg and is capable of delivering 1000CA (Cranking Amps) and 70Ah PbEq capacity with Bluetooth Monitoring. 

Includes on-board Battery Management System (BMS) to manage and protect your battery, along with an in-built LCD readout for battery voltage.

The Lithiumax RACE10+ is covered by a 2 year no-nonsense warranty.

The Race+ can be optioned with OEM mounting kits including 280mm or 320mm base plate option, aluminium mount and SAE terminals.


  • Dimensions: (H)175 x (W)165 x (D)125mm
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Comes with Bluetooth Remote Battery Monitoring 
  • Battery Monitoring System (BMS) with Built In Voltage Display (LCD)
  • Battery operating temperature: -20degC to 85degC
  • DEKRA tested and UN38.3 Approved
  • 5 - 10 year usable life span
  • SAE terminal posts also available
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Splashproof to IP57 standards
  • Shockproof 

F & G Series Compatible

BMW M F & G series' IBS system needs to be set so Canbus doesn't read the battery. Both compatibility and operation is then excellent.

This is a simple coding task that can be performed by a BMW workshop using factory compatible scan tools. Lithiumax currently sponsors an M4 which took out the 2020 National Production Car championship running a RACE9+. 

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