Forward X Titanium Valved Exhaust Systems
Forward X Titanium Valved Exhaust Systems
Forward X Titanium Valved Exhaust Systems
Forward X Titanium Valved Exhaust Systems
Forward X Titanium Valved Exhaust Systems
Forward X Titanium Valved Exhaust Systems
Valvetronic Designs

Forward X Titanium Valved Exhaust Systems

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A brief history on the E9X M3 exhaust systems

Back when the E9X M3 was fresh off dealer lots, major European brands were introduced traditional exhaust systems in stainless steel, high flow cats and OE style X pipe configuration. 

Akrapovic came to the market aggressively in 2010 as they introduced their automotive exhaust systems to the world, starting with the Porsche GT3 and E9X M3.

The community had never seen this level of titanium craftsmanship, and it became a benchmark to which every other titanium exhaust has been compared to ever since. I personally run the Akrapovic Evo on my E92 M3 and I will forever be a fan. 

The Akrapovic was also known for the Akra torque "dip" - it needed a stage 2 tune to smoothen out and claw back the lost torque. It was unfortunately discontinued as a whole and the X pipe hadn't been available for purchase separately for a while. 

Malek @ MRF Engineering famously improved upon the exhaust design for optimal performance and a higher pitched tone by designing a forward positioned X pipe. The cross over section of the X was enlarged and increased scavenging effects for enhanced horsepower and torque across the entire rev range. 

The forward X pipe design was later adopted by other brands, notably BimmerWorld and Valvetronic. 

A unique & optimal combination: titanium + forward X pipe + valves

Austin @ Valvetronic is an E92 M3 owner and enthusiast himself. He has introduced various valved exhaust systems for the E9X chassis. I personally run his muffler system for the E60 M5 here. They introduced their forward positioned X pipe in stainless steel configuration a few year ago. 

Austin reached out to offer a titanium variant of the forward facing X pipe design along with unique customization possibilities for the E9X M3 EuroConnex community. 

Sound Spectrum Customization

If we look at your E9X M3's exhaust sound as a Spectrum, the Valvetronic valve mechanism allows you to pick 2 extremes across the decibel and tone axis. The delta between Opened and Closed is approximately 25 decibels. 

Valvetronic Designs allows further customization through 3x resonator configurations: un-resonated, dual resonated and quad resonated. These 3x options are available whether you run High Flow Cats or not. 

The resonator customization allows movement on the Spectrum - less is more, as in less resonators move the decibel range up. It's yours to choose. 

Valvetronic uses a pneumatic, closed valved mechanism for ultimate reliability and use in harsher conditions. 

Lifetime Warrantied, Lightweight Titanium Construction

Valvetronic spec'ed Grade 5 Titanium Alloy as used by other leading titanium exhaust manufacturers and uses pie cut welds to create the curvatures required to fit the underbody of the E9X M3. 

The pie cuts add complexity to the manufacturing of this system, and Valvetronic backs up their product with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. 

Performance Optimization 

Valvetronic spec'ed 2x200 CPSI Metallic High Flow Cats rated to Euro 6 specifications. The Euro grades were introduced by the European Unique as an emissions standard. The Euro 6 grade was introduced in 2015 and is the current standard until 2025.

While the grade is an indicator of efficiency, Austin @ Valvetronic cannot guarantee these will meet emissions target of each individual state and province due to varying regulations. As always, consult with local emissions authorities to validate the legality. 

The system can be specified without cats as well. 


  • Made from Grade 5 Titanium alloy in 2.75" diameter
  • Forward positioned X Pipe for optimal performance improvements and high pitched tone. 
  • 2x200 CPSI High Flow Cats rated to Euro 6 specifications
  • Lightweight: 
    • Front X Section: approx 16.50 lbs 
    • Rear Section: 28.75 lbs 
  • Titanium curvature is manufactured using TIG welded pie cuts. 
  • Pneumatic valve mechanism for reliability, and remote controlled operation without the car turned on. 
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty to original purchaser
  • The X Pipe Section and Rear Section can be purchased separately and will fit with OEM components.

Installation Notes

Professional installation is recommended. Installation hardware & valve mechanism, remotes are included. For off road use only. 

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