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We connect BMW M owners and their communities with brands from around the world.

Since launching in February 2021, we're now 2,500 + Members.

We're just getting started.


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EuroConnex is a members-only, private community to abide by the brands pricing rules.

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I built EuroConnex with social buying technology allowing for seamless Group Buy experiences.

Gone are the days of forum lists.

Products from Group Buys are available year long under Curated Specials.

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A Connex is activated once you complete checkout.

The brands will send you an invoice directly. I don't manage payments - we save on fees.

All orders are shipped directly from the brands. Tracking numbers are input directly in your Connex account.

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The Connex grows with the inputs of its members.

Soon, we will have community driven reviews, DIYs and build journals related to products & members on EuroConnex.

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BMW M cars: a mindful getaway we may have taken for granted.

Why EuroConnex?

As electrification is upon us, the dynamics of disconnected modern cars & the drive to automation has created a profound desire to reconnect with analog experiences.

I believe this is converging to create a counterculture of BMW M enthusiasts that will keep their cars on the road, forever.

Quality products won't be a premium - it will be the standard. 

The Connex is about connecting all of us together to make it happen.

Matt - Founder of EuroConnex

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Matt's the man. His connex have literally made me save 5,000$ this year on my E92 M3 Clubsport build


Matt's got me spending, but he's got me saving!

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We are only as strong as our numbers.

Thanks to you, this has been growing purely off word of mouth.

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The E46 & E9X chassis are aging: subframes crack, bushings get torn apart, diff bolts break -  sh*t happens. We can close the gap and modernize our chassis. 

I wasn't surprised one bit that Lithumax was an Australian brand. What did surprise me is what Vic @ Lithiumax offered for EuroConnex. 
M. Bangle coined his design language as “Flame Surfacing” - others called it Bangled, a letter away from “bungle”.


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