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A glimpse into the future of the Connex

Let's take a quick look back, to better glimpse into the future. These are the April updates. 

As we hit 2,000 members, the Connex is undergoing a major overhaul in the background.

Let's build it together. 


The OG: Original German Connex

This was 2003: a rapidly changing world where anxieties were shared on a global scale. Wars, economic crises - the world has always been a difficult place. 


It’s gotta be the shoes.

Tunes are often branded like basketball shoes - as a simple fashion item worn by Superstars. Yet like basketball shoes, what actually makes them purposeful is their underlying technology born from years in research & development.

Your first stop to a GTS conversion
When I first got my Fire Orange M3 in 2018, I was dreaming of converting it to GTS spec - a dream is all I thought it would remain as I shopped some of our favorite BMW M parts importers in North America.