E46 M3 V3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E46 M3 V3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E46 M3 V3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
YCW Engineering


E46 M3 V3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

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My quest for the "Ultimate Response" M engine

Back in the Fall of 2020, I organized a group buy for the TTV lightweight flywheel. My goal was to focus on efficiency gains in the drivetrain instead of adding power through Supercharger applications.

The Carbon Driveshaft by YCW Engineering builds on my goals by drastically reducing weight (-10 lbs) in the E9X M3 drivetrain, increasing throttle response, power to the rear wheels via increased efficiencies and augmented connectivity with the rear end of our M3s due to its 1 piece carbon fiber construction.

This is the E46 M3 configuration. 

There has been a few carbon driveshaft offering for M cars, even by BMW themselves in the early years of the M4. However, many aftermarket manufacturers have put out products that caused vibration issues and were recalled. 

MFactory's Proprietary Locking Technology
No vibrations, no ungluing. 

MFactory's carbon driveshaft has went through revisions to eliminate vibration issues entirely and is recognized as the go-to option for carbon driveshaft in the M3 market.

MFactory have incorporated a new locking mechanism which physically locks the carbon tube into the connecting joint, thus reducing rotational forces (which previously fell solely on the glue), and helps minimize the chance of the tube from spinning free of the joint.

This new technology, coupled with Mfactory's industry-leading flanges/yolks/cv's coupled with dry carbon, allows MFactory to claim their driveshaft as one of the most advanced and durable carbon propshaft on the market today, alongside their ongoing OEM partnership with Toyota Motorsports (TRD) and Ford Performance.

On the E46 M3, the stock driveshaft weights 18 lbs, while the Carbon Driveshaft weights 11 lbs.

Spun entirely from Dry Carbon Fibre with Forged 6061 Aluminum Ends, MFactory's driveshaft conversion is significantly lighter than the oem steel driveshaft, offering smoother power transfer to the rear differential.

Each driveshaft is individually crafted, spun to over 12000rpm and tested on MFactory's torsional stress machine to over 5500nm torque figures without a hint of snapping!

V3 Variant:
Improved Pre-Preg Carbon with Uni-Directional Weave (UD)

Unlike the v2, the new v3 will use a Uni-Directional (UD) weave like on the BMW F8X M3/M4 rather than the standard criss-cross weave. The UD actually makes it stronger per recent testing.


  1. Made from 100% Dry Carbon Fibre
  2. Designed for use on MT and SMG transmission
  3. Precision balanced to 12,000rpm
  4. Precision flanges/joints machined to within 0.02mm of oem tolerances
  5. Stress tested to withstand over 5500nm of torque
  6. Proprietary Flange Lock Mechanism prevents bonding issues common with other manufacturers
  7. YCW Engineering Ltd will provide a limited 1 year warranty for all Carbon Driveshafts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon receipt of product and time of professional installation.

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