Build Journals
A new space to follow and share BMW M builds.
Build Journals by Euroconnex
A new way to share your build to the BMW M community.

The community strives by its most daring members pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible on our M chassis. 

We learn from these builds and integrate some parts into our own.

Yet a lot of content is spread out or lost in the echo chambers of Social Media and forums have faded.

I want to fix this. 


The Lineup / using my cars as Beta.

The Orange Stripper

Where it all started. The E92 M3.

Papi Express

It was just a dream: or is it a nightmare? The E60 M5.

The Phoenix

It shall live on and thrive once more. The E46 M3.

It's a start.
Beyond my Curation.

Build Journals is where the Collective Intelligence and diverse tastes of the M community comes together.

The aim is to help the community gather knowledge far beyond my own, feature products that I don't curate and share data with the intention of getting the right products we need for our builds.

The Build Journals section of EuroConnex is developed alongside Connex Plus to enable all members to save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members featured on EuroConnex will benefit from exposure on their builds, a structured process to input new journal entries.

They will also have benefits such as costs on products, beta testing & sponsorship opportunities.

Unfortunately no. The Build Journal collaborators are for curated BMW M builds only.

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