Build Journals
A new space to follow and share BMW M builds.

A lot of quality BMW M content is lost in the echo chambers of Social Media as we consistently get asked “which oil should I run?”.

Forums have faded and act as directories.  Other platforms are optimized for clout-chasers.

There's a desire for more all of us feel.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant
CUrated build journals
Going beyond my personal knowledge and curation.

This is a space for members to share their projects in a structured & detailed format.

The Curated Build Journals are supported by the partnered brands of EuroConnex.

ConnexPlus x Build Journals
Learn & save on everything.

Build Journals are underpinned by ConnexPlus.

All ConnexPlus members have their own minimal Build Journal.

You share data about their current build and upcoming upgrade & maintenance projects.

The objective is for all of use to save on every single parts we need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members featured on Build Journals will benefit from exposure on their builds with a structured format.

They will have benefits such as costs on products, product beta testing & sponsorship opportunities.

Unfortunately no. The Build Journal collaborators are for curated BMW M builds only.

The Lineup / using my cars as Beta.

The Orange Stripper

Where it all started. The E92 M3.

Papi Express

It was just a dream: or is it a nightmare? The E60 M5.

The Phoenix

It shall live on and thrive once more. The E46 M3.