Clubsport Upper Control Arms by Turner Motorsport
Clubsport Upper Control Arms by Turner Motorsport
Turner Motorsports


Clubsport Upper Control Arms by Turner Motorsport

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Control over power: maximizing the naturally aspirated engine advantages. 

The most recent BMW M and Porsche GT products have made strides in chassis and suspension development as the latest M cars all feature solid subframe bushings and the new 992 GT3 now features a monoball bearing, double wishbone suspension.

The recipe isn't more power, it is better chassis control to maximize the precise throttle inputs only high revving naturally aspirated engines like the S65 can provide. 

As a long time owner of multiple E9X M3s, I feel confident in attesting to the limitations of the stock suspension when pushed at its limits. 

Clubsport Chassis Modernization with Turner Motorsport Suspension Upgrade Packages

I have worked with Turner Motorsport to offer front and rear chassis modernization packages for the purpose driven E9X M3 members of EuroConnex looking for enhanced driving precision on the track. You can learn more here.

Designed for street M3s

For mostly street driven M3s, I highly recommend opting for the Front Upper Control Arm Monoball Upgrade (TSUE9080QIS-ARMS) and Rear Subframe Bushings/Mount Set - Turner Solid Aluminum ( 025990TMS02). You can find the solid subframe bushings here

Improved Steering Response & Braking Feedback

Turner's experience with spherical front control arm ball joints go back to those they designed and used in their IMSA E90 328i and E92 M3 racecars (GS class Champions in 2011). 

The Monoball Upgrade is made with OEM BMW sealed and greased ball joint for exceptional durability and service life. By utilizing a sealed ball joint, Turner achieved the low friction and no bind suspension travel with no unwanted deflection.

The outcome is improved steering precision, turn-in response, and direct braking feedback, while maintaining street comfort and durability levels making these an excellent upgrade for street cars. 


    • Made in the USA to Turner Motorsport specifications
    • Machined from forged and anodized 6061 aluminum
    • Proprietary Turner designed knurled OD to provide the perfect fit for the wide range of thrust arm bore diameters among brands
    • Finished in anodized blue with Turner Motorsport identification
    • Comes pre assembled with OEM BMW arms
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