E6X M5 & M6 Supersprint Exhaust Systems
E6X M5 & M6 Supersprint Exhaust Systems
E6X M5 & M6 Supersprint Exhaust Systems
E6X M5 & M6 Supersprint Exhaust Systems

988703 / 046936 / 046906

E6X M5 & M6 Supersprint Exhaust Systems

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Group Buy Part Deux 

For the complete backstory to this Connex, read more my E46 M3's Build Journal entry here

Supersprint will be increasing pricing to all its distributors on May 1st 2022 by 7% due to the ever increasing raw material & labor costs in Italy. 

Back by popular demand, I have been working behind the scenes to organize a second Supersprint group buy.

Learning from the original group buy delays and capturing an opportunity to get never-to-be-seen-again pricing. 


There are 2x main configurations available for E6X M5 & M6 members to achieve their desired performance, sound, and weight targets. 

Packages Content
Resonated Cat Back
  1. Resonated X pipe
  2. F1 Rear Mufflers
Unresonated Cat Back
  1. Unresonated X pipe
  2. F1 Rear Mufflers
F1 Race Rear section
  1. F1 Rear Mufflers

    Matt's Recommendation

    The X pipe (Section 2) & Rear Mufflers (Section 3) are a sound enhancing modification first and foremost and provide no performance gains. 

    I personally plan on running the F1 Racing Mufflers alone as I already run catless long tube headers. If you plan on retaining the stock headers, I would recommend the unresonated cat-back to unleash the V10 noise. 

    You can hear the differences in configurations here

    The S85B50 can be uncorked and performance gains can be found in the header section by improving its design. I have not curated the Supersprint headers as I prefer the Infinity Design V3 Headers for its equal length design and lower price. 


    • Hand Made in Italy
    • 304 ASIS Stainless Steel 
    • HJS Racing Metallic Catalytic Converters 
    • TIG welded 
    • Straight through muffler designs at all Sound Levels
    • Catless components are not available 
    • 4x80mm tips 

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