GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)
360Carbon GmbH


GTS-R 5 Pieces Front Lip (CF)

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The only 1:1 GTS Carbon Fiber Front Lip on the market

Building upon the success of the GTS-R 5 pieces chassis mounted lip available in Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) 

I have been working behind the scenes for months with Markus @ 360Carbon GmbH to develop a new mold in an uprated carbon fiber material. 

Complete carbon fiber construction using pre-preg and autoclaved manufacturing techniques. 

Pre-preg and autoclaved carbon fiber construction has many advantages over the affordable hand laid and overlay carbon fiber lips on the market. It is the carbon fiber construction favoured by BMW M in their M Performance Parts catalogue. 

  • Increased tensile strength 
  • Lower weight than OEM BMW M and 360Carbon's FRP version
  • Improved weave pattern and appearances 
  • Thinner material for perfect fitment to complex curvatures 

Chassis Mounted & Lower Adjustability

The 5 pieces kit replicates 1:1 the GTS OEM design and functionality 1:1.

The kit includes the following:

  • 2x Chassis Brackets
  • 1x Horizontal Lower Splitter Bracket 
  • 1x Upper Lip 
  • 1x Lower Splitter with Slots for Adjustability 
  • Mounting hardware is provided and includes the required bolts, washers and rivets. 
    • Coated for durability and rust-free
    • Lower splitter bolts are black 


  • Made in Germany
  • 5 Pieces Configuration
  • Pre-Preg & Autoclaved Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 2x2 Weave Pattern
  • High Gloss or Matte 2-Component Clear Coat
  • Hardware included
  • OEM level fitment 

Installation Notes

The chassis mounts requires to cut your front bumper so the mounts will clear. 

There is minor trimming required of the felt under tray. Aftermarket under trays may need to be trimmed. This will clear the MLT Engineering Skidplate. 

I highly recommend professional body shop installation for a perfectly fitting installation of the 5 piece lip. This is not DIY level. 

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