E9X M3 EVO-R Titanium Exhaust
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For me, the Akrapovic Evo has always been the zenith in craftsmanship, quality and aligned with the philosophy of BMW M.

What distinguishes Akra from the rest was primarily the hydroformed titanium.

Gone were the pie-cut welds that that were prone to failures, added weight and looked low-rent.

I sold one of the first Akra system back in 2010 when they first released their automotive product line, expanding from their motorcycle products.

I'd order straight from Slovenia. Back then, the exhaust was 5,500$ US or so. Today, it's distributed by Turn14 and the price is 8,500$ US.

Technology moves on.

The Akrapovic design could have been improved over time with larger diameter piping and a revised, forward positioned X pipe.

They never did.

I'm working on it.


Matt / @m3_epoustouflant
What akrapovic pioneered in the BMW M aftermarket


We all know titanium is lightweight, looks awesome and has distingued sound characteristics over stainless steel.

However, titanium’s lower density, high melting point, tendency to gall and sensitivity to contamination during the welding process can make it difficult to work with.

Hydroforming is the way.

The Preliminary Specs


Smooth bends, limited welds.

Increased tube diameter

Increased tube diameter to 2.5in / 63.5mm

Forward X

Proven to make more power, and increase the higher pitches of the S65.


2x high quality resonators to mitigate drone.

High Flow Cats

Selected for optimal performance and emissions friendliness.

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EVO-R Titanium Exhaust
EVO-R Titanium Exhaust


EVO-R Titanium Exhaust

Regular price$5,999.00
  • Factory Direct Process

Full Kit:

Dash Trims (3 pcs) 
Center Console (MT or SMG) 
Door Handles (4 pcs)

Partial Kit:

Dash Trims (3 pcs)
Center Console (MT or SMG)


  • Hydroformed titanium
  • Increased tube diameter to 2.5in / 63.5mm
  • High performance catalytic converters
  • Forward X pipe for optimal performance gains 
  • Drone cancelling resonators

Tuning Required

The relocation of high performance cats requires engine tuning to maximize performance and remove the emissions related CEL.

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