Endurance Clubsport Retrofit BBK
Endurance Clubsport Retrofit BBK
Haimus Racing

Endurance Clubsport Retrofit BBK

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Endurance Clubsport Retrofit BBK

More information soon. 

This kit is perfect to withstand high demanding "endurance" like situations of prolonged hard braking for extended periods of time with no downtime. This could include - racing, full day track sessions, sprint events, track taxi-laps and others. 

The kit will perform well in any high demand street or track situation, giving a lot of confidence to the driver to push the vehicle further. The calipers are equipped with high temperature dust boots meaning they are perfectly usable on the road as well. 

This kit features AP Racing Radi-cal 6 piston front calipers and 4 piston rear. Pad area at the front is increased over 40% and a 34mm thick front rotor is used for better heat dissipation.

This kit will not be lighter than stock, but will ensure perfect stopping power over and over and over again - stop after stop. The rotor and caliper are not lightweight, but their heat absorption capabilities are much higher. 

The second picture is of the kit on Haimus' Race M2 Competition which competes in multiple endurance events and is currently just as quick as factory M4 GT4 cars on our local tracks. The kit will come with the slotted rotors shown on the far right.


  • Caliper & Rotor specs:
    • Front: AP-Racing Radi-Cal 6 pistons with EBC 2 piece 380x34mm rotors 
    • Rear: AP-Racing Radi-Cal 4 pistons with EBC 2 piece 380x30mm rotors 
  • Front calipers will fit under 18" wheels with aggressive offsets
  • Brand new hardware with all bolts necessary to install
  • Optional Performance Enduro pads
    • Pad shape: CP7555D70
  • Retrofit bracket machined from 7075 Heat Treated Billet Aluminum
    • Anodized with Corrosion Resistant Coating
  • Rotor Bells from 2024 Heat Treated Billet Aluminun

  • Custom Made Braided Brake Hoses for AP-Racing Calipers
  • Standard black, red or silver  finish with AP Racing logo*
  • Custom finishes available:
    • OEM+ Blue
    • OEM+ Gold
    • Yellow
  • Assembled in Bulgaria
  • If painted, ///M logo will be optional on refinishes. 

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