Build Journal: A special series
The wheels BMW M should have built.

With the release of the E92 M3 GTS, BMW M introduced what is arguably the greatest wheel design ever produced: the M359. 

It featured 0.5" widened front and rear widths over standard 219M and 220M to accommodate the GTS uprated tire sizes of 255mm front and 285mm rear.

We needed more with less. We wanted wider and lighter.

We wanted forged.


- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

Forging our way wider, stronger, lighter [...]

to any specs.

I will help you pick the right fitment to match your exact wheel, tire, suspension and driving objectives.

Any finishes will be possible

Paint, powdercoat - you choose.

[...] and they will fit with OE hardware.

OE bolts, center caps, TPMS, valve caps and M stickers will all fit.

They will be TUV Certified.

I am targeting to have the wheels independently tested by TUV for specific fitment European road use certifications.
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Forged OE+ M359s
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Forged OE+ M359s

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  • EuroConnex Exclusive
Member cars with OEM+ M359s
Pictures shown were with the previous flow formed version.

Recommended hardware

- Genuine BMW floating center caps (SKU 36122455269)
- Genuine BMW 12x1.5x26mm wheel bolts (SKU: 36136781150)
- Genuine BMW M wheel sticker (SKU: 36112228660)

If you use spacers on the front wheels, you will need extended bolts.

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