OEM+ GTS front lip kit
by "To be announced"

The GTS fiberglass replica lip was one of the most in demand product on EuroConnex.

Unfortunately the previous supplier didn't renew the mold and was out of money to finance the new mold along with improved metal brackets.

I can finally announce I'm bringing it back with further improved specs for Q1 2023 in partnership with a German manufacturer.


Matt / @m3_epoustouflant
OEM+ Replica

Same design, improved brackets.

Using secretive data, the GTS lip will have the same design & fitment as OEM. Furthermore, it will feature improved CNC'ed metal brackets for superior durability.

Final specs to be announced.

CFRP lip construction

The upper lip and adjustable lower splitter will be built from pre-preg carbon fiber.

CNC'ed metal brackets

The first replica lip had fiberglass brackets, then it had carbon - and it still wasn't enough. I had laser metal brackets done and it still wasn't enough to my liking.

Forged aluminum it is.

OEM Satin Black

The lip will exclusively be available in black finished in satin 2-component hardened clear coat. More details to follow on why this was decided.

1 piece option

You will be able to order the upper lip on its own.

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GTS 1:1 Front Lip (CFRP + Metal Brackets)
GTS 1:1 Front Lip (CFRP + Metal Brackets)
GTS 1:1 Front Lip (CFRP + Metal Brackets)
GTS 1:1 Front Lip (CFRP + Metal Brackets)

GTS 1:1 Front Lip (CFRP + Metal Brackets)

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After the failed crowdfunding with 360Carbon / ZaeroDesign, I am bringing this back with another manufacturer with improved specs. 



  • Made in Germany 
  • Finished in satin black with 2 component satin clear coat
  • 5 pieces kit includes upper lip, chassis brackets, lower splitter bracket and adjustable lower splitter. 
    • 1 piece upper lip configuration is available. 
  • Upper lip and lower splitters made from CFRP
  • Adjustable length on the lower splitter
  • 3x piece mounting bracket kit
    • made from high-strength aluminum
    • CNC'ed
    • Hardware not included. 

Installation Notes

I highly recommend professional body shop installation for a perfect installation. 

The chassis mounts requires to cut your front bumper for the mounts will clear. There is also some minor trimming required of the felt under tray.  This will fit with the MLT undertray. 

Hardware is not included. I have referenced the GTS SKUs needed: 

  • (4) Torx Head Screw - 07146958688/07146958688
  • (6) Oval Head Screw - 07146978618
  • (12) 3/16 Rivets
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