GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)
GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)
GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)
GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)
GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)
GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)
GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)
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GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)

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An OG Connex revisited 

360Carbon's 5 pieces FRP chassis mounted lip for the E9X M3 has been a staple on EuroConnex. It was the 2nd social buy I ever organized prior to launching EuroConnex. 

Over 200 of these lips were sold worldwide and appreciated for the true GTS aesthetics, great fitment and chassis mounted brackets. 

The lip was then offered in pre-preg carbon fiber for enthusiasts looking for a OEM level carbon lip. 

Building on the FRP's success

BMW M never manufactured the OEM GTS lip in FRP or Carbon Fiber. They used ABS plastics for the lips and aluminum for the brackets. 

Until now, it was impossible to find a replica lip made in ABS. OEM was the only option before being discontinued, and it was available for over 5,000$ US. 

ABS is commonly used by manufacturers with actual motorsport pedigree because it is light, durable and affordable to replace. 

Porsche GT3 guys have been using OEM ABS plastic front lips as consumables for a while and Porsche offers replacement lips for relatively cheap. 

Q2 2022: GTS lip in ABS + Metal Brackets

I have been chatting with Markus @ 360Carbon & Zaero Design on developing a kit as close to BMW M's original specifications without infringing on BMW's design patent. 

This is it. 

The lip is branded under ZaeroDesign as it is Markus' main focus for 2022. 

The current ETA for the initial social buy is Q2 2022. Get on the waiting list to be the first to know the special introductory pricing. 

ABS Material Development

The upper lip and lower splitter is made from ABS plastic and finished in matte black like the OEM units were. The lower spitter is slotted to allow length adjustments for clearance and aerodynamics. 

The ABS composition was developed in close partnership with an OEM sub-contractor in Germany. Markus worked with them to come up with the closest possible match to the OEM matte black finish straight out of the injection mold without paint. 

Aluminum Mounting Brackets

The 3x piece chassis mounting brackets is laser cut from high-strength aluminum and anodized in a matte black finish. The chassis brackets are riveted into the chassis and hold the lower splitter. 

These should prove more durable than the previous FRP and CF chassis mounting brackets. 


  • Made in Germany 
  • ABS components are manufactured by an OEM supplier
  • 5 pieces kit includes upper lip, chassis brackets, lower splitter bracket and adjustable lower splitter. 
  • Upper lip and lower splitters made from ABS plastic 
  • Adjustable length on the lower splitter
  • 3x piece mounting bracket kit
    • made from high-strength aluminum
    • laser cut & black anodized
  • Hardware not included. 

Installation Notes

I highly recommend professional body shop installation for a perfect installation. 

The chassis mounts requires to cut your front bumper for the mounts will clear. There is also some minor trimming required of the felt under tray.  This will fit with the MLT undertray. 

Hardware is not included. I have referenced the GTS SKUs needed: 

  • (4) Torx Head Screw - 07146958688/07146958688
  • (6) Oval Head Screw - 07146978618
  • (12) 3/16 Rivets

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