MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels
MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels


MTRSPRT 18" Competition Wheels

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Meet Dmitriy Orlov, founder of the product design firm bearing his name: Orlov Design. 

I first started chatting with Dmitriy in 2018 as he was looking to source GT3R carbon wide body kits for Porsche 991 projects they were building at BBI Autosport.

He still currently works at BBI Autosport, a famous Los Angeles outfit specializing in Porsche and McLaren street tuning and Motorsport preparation. 

We chatted a bit and struck a conversation on the E92 M3 as I had just secured my Orange Stripper. Dmitriy is a long time owner of an E90 M3 himself.

Discover Orlov Design by reading the backstory.

The MRTSPRT Origins

This was an exploration of design and function in wheel design. A minimalist 6 spoke design has always been appealing to Dmitriy. Its simple, functional and looks great on German vehicles, something opposite of the sometimes visually complex usual go-to wheels like BBS.

The MTRSPRT wheel is just that - a simple rendition of a 6-spoke, race inspired wheel. The spokes are kept mostly flat with a small dip into the hub. There is a one inch lip on the outside to emphasize the spokes and to give it that motorsport look.

The end result give the car a muscular look when paired with the right tires and set up. The opening with the valve stem is highlighted in a neon yellow color.

You can read more about it here

Go-To Standard Track Fitment: 18x10+25

Dmitriy picked a readily used and highly popular 18x10+25 square fitment, allowing for tire rotation and fitment with 380mm big brake kits and competition coilover systems. The recommended tire fitment is 275/35/18 all around, but downsizing or upsizing widths is possible. 

The MultiHub 

The wheel hub bore area is so often overlooked as an opportunity for not just design but also function. Dmitriy wanted to utilize the space and explored how to expand the wheel functionality.

The result is a threaded bore that can take a range of accessories. The thread spec was selected to handle load. Its fairly compact and not visually intrusive. The idea was to create an accessory hub to help enthusiasts with a range of needs like towing, alignment and aero.

The 1st Accessory: TowHub

The first accessory to utilize the MultiHub is the TowHub transport lug. Borrowing from the Porsche centerlock transport hoops found on the racecars - this allows for easy securing and transport.

Spin on the high strength steel CNC machined hoop, clip on the straps and secure the car. Spin off, track and repeat. The coarse threads are designed for strength and easy installation/removal.

There will be more MultiHub accessories released in the near future, including the AeroHub to fit an aero disc and AlignHub to fit alignment equipment for quick adjustments at the track.

Manufactured by Titan7

Titan 7 is the manufacturing partner for this wheel and they are made to the same spec and quality as their wheels which means these are 10,000 ton forgings that are precision CNC machined and finished and powder-coated to highest standard.


  • Produced in Partnership with Titan7
    • Monoblock forged construction
    • Unique forging profile with a minimal, robust design
    • Weight & strength optimization with spoke pocketing
    • Bead seat knurling
    • 10,000 ton forging
    • Lightweight 19.5 lbs
    • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Patent Pending MultiHub threaded hub 
    • Optional TowKit:
      • Threads into the MTRSPRT Wheel for ease of transport
      • CNC machined from 17-4 Steel
      • Corrosion resistant and designed for the forces of securing a vehicle
  • Finishes:
    • Satin Titanium powdercoat standard finish
    • Optional inner spoke finish
    • Optional custom powdercoated finish
  • Fitment:
    • 18x10+25
    • Squared fitment for easy tire rotations
    • Hubcentric for plug and play fitment
    • Recommended tire size: 275/35/18
    • Fits with 380mm big brake kits

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