Pre-Preg Carbon Interior Trims by CarboProject
Pre-Preg Carbon Interior Trims by CarboProject
Pre-Preg Carbon Interior Trims by CarboProject
Pre-Preg Carbon Interior Trims by CarboProject
Pre-Preg Carbon Interior Trims by CarboProject
Pre-Preg Carbon Interior Trims by CarboProject
CarboProject GmbH

Pre-Preg Carbon Interior Trims by CarboProject

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BMW M discontinued it!

As the E9X M3 platform ages, we are starting to unsurprisingly face NLA M Performance products. It started with the mirrors and E90 trunk spoiler, it's now the interior. 

After introducing pre-preg carbon CSL replica interior products with CarboProject, I've been poking him to develop the kit for the E9X M3. 

I initially had gathered interest from over 100 + E9X M3 EuroConnex members to source a OEM quality carbon interior trim set.

Here's our chance!

Made from OEM trims using OEM quality Pre-preg & Autoclaved Carbon

René hand manufactures these kits using brand new, OEM trim kits from BMW in Germany to ensure perfect fitment. No core exchanged is required, but it is optional. 

He uses the same manufacturing process as BMW M GmbH did on the CSL carbon fiber trim components: pre-preg & autoclaved overlays on the plastic OEM trims. 

The pre-preg and autoclaved manufacturing process, commonly called dry carbon, allows for a very thin application of carbon fiber, and is notoriously stronger than hand laid, wet carbon fiber applications.

Additionally, pre-preg provides a much more consistent weave pattern that we've come to expect from OEM brands.

Carbon Options

The trims are available in 1x1 and 2x2 weave pattern. The 1x1 weave pattern is selected by René to precisely match the OEM CSL 1x1 weave pattern that was used by BMW GmbH.

You can opt for an OEM finish with a 2 component, hardened gloss clear coat, or opt for a contemporary matte clear coated finish. The gloss finish is wet sanded and polished to remove any surface imperfections. 

Base Kit

The base kit includes the dash trims (2 pcs) without the air vents along with the door trims (4x) per your chassis specification. 

Optional Front Center Console

The front center console is optional and is sourced in its various configurations between chassis specification, including MT & MDCT. It includes the tray cover. 


  • Made in Germany
  • Pre-Preg & Autoclaved Carbon Fiber Construction Process
  • Made using new OEM BMW trims 
  • Available in 1x1 and 2x2 weave pattern
  • 1x1 is the exclusive CSL weave pattern as used by BMW M
  • Available in gloss and matte 2 component hardened clear coat

Core Refund Program

A core refund is not available on this product.

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