Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid
CarboProject GmbH


Pre-Preg CF Airbox Lid

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2021 Continued Product Development

It is René's goal to offer a complete carbon fiber intake kit for the S65 in the upcoming months, as he builds off the success of the carbon fiber plenum introduced to export markets by EuroConnex in Summer 2020. 

You can read more about René @ CarboProject here

Earlier this year, the Connex introduced a new product development crowdfunding campaign for the 2 piece, front air intake kit listed here. Unfortunately René @ CarboProject had issues with the mold development that he outsourced, and the project was postponed to later this year, and all members refunded. 

René had however been working in parallel to machine a new mold for the airbox lid. He did so in-house to retain control over the entire process. The mold has been developed and tested in house, with multiple units tested on cars prior to release. 

The S65 E9X M3 Airbox Lid

The mold was designed as a replica of the OEM ABS plastic part with slightly thinner material thickness to enhance induction noise and reduce weight by 1 pound. The lid is hand made in Germany with 100% in prepreg carbon fiber. The airbox lid is made in 2x2 carbon weave and is cured in autoclave.

The weave is designed to match the S65 Carbon Fiber Plenum  as is shown on installed pictures- it it oriented at 3 o'clock, top right of an imaginary square for guys out there looking to match this with carbon components from other brands. 

The product is clear coated in 2 component hardened clear coat for a durable finish and resistant to the high temperatures of the engine bay. It is available in Gloss or Matte finish. 


  • 100% carbon fibre pre-preg
  • 1 pounds lighter than OEM 
  • Cured in autoclave
  • Made in Germany
  • 2x2 weave
  • Gloss & Matte finishing available
  • Great easy fitment guaranteed plug & play
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