Tractive Electronic Damper Controlled Coilovers (EDC)
Tractive Electronic Damper Controlled Coilovers (EDC)
Tractive Electronic Damper Controlled Coilovers (EDC)
Tractive Electronic Damper Controlled Coilovers (EDC)


Tractive Electronic Damper Controlled Coilovers (EDC)

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My take coming soon

Status: These are claimed to be improved damper technology over my B16 Damptronics on the E92 M3 Orange Stripper. Currently chatting with Tractive. 

Read up more about their Dynamic Valve Adjustment technology here and its original development here

Brochure Description

TracTive Plug & Play electronically-adjustable shocks for OE fitment have been developed as a high-tech electronic replacement suspension for a car fitted from factory with specific electronic suspension systems.

The dampers are fitted with the TracTive patented DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve. With its reaction time of 6 to 10 milliseconds from full soft to full hard, it is one of the fastest damping adjustments in the market. It demonstrates a tremendous stability and reproducibility, and is rapidly becoming the technology chosen by high end OE and racing teams.

Although a lot faster, more stable and more reproducible than ZF CDC (found in BMW-M cars with EDC) and Bilstein Damptronic (found in Porsches as PASM and various others), the DDA valve has similar electrical and functional properties and can replace these OE valves without losing its functional benefits.

The Plug & Play system is a direct replacement for the original dampers, it plugs in with the same connectors and the dampers are controlled the same way as the original dampers.

No EDC cancellation kit required, no fault messages in the onboard controls. For every application the damping level and damping adjustment range is set-up from factory. It is possible to tune the damping level if required.

This electronic suspension kit is valved specifically for Road and Track use, with a focus on sufficient comfort for optimal Road use while maintaining sport performance.

Each kit is engineered for optimal performance and durability. The dampers are fitted with springs and have an infinite ride height adjustment either through the platforms on the shock bodies or through the separate adjusters.

Damper Specs: 

  • Front:
    • 43mm Inverted McPherson clamp mount shock
    • 7075 aluminium Stabilizer bracket included
  • Rear:
    • 46mm Eye to Pin shock
    • Separate spring with height adjustment. 


  • Made in the Netherlands
    • OEM supplier for BMW 
  • Dynamic Damper Adjustment (DDA) electronic valve technology. 
    • Compatible with BMW M's EDC on-board management system
  • Fits with OEM top mounts or some aftermarket camber plates. 
  • New end links included. 
  • Threaded adjustable shock body at the front and threaded spring mount at the rear. 

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