E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
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E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

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"Difficult to explain, easy to feel:
it's tight!

The major benefit to the YFCM carbon driveshaft is improved chassis & drivetrain response. 

It's a byproduct of tightening of the drivetrain due to the more rigid, 1 piece lightweight carbon construction of the driveshaft. 

It's been one of the best upgrades to my M3 V8 and E46 M3. I expect similar results on the E60."

- Matt

The Details. 

It's a lot lighter. 

The reduced weight helps lower the initial moment of inertia, providing improved throttle response and noticeably easier clutch operations. 

On the E9X M3, the OEM 2 piece steel driveshaft weights 23 lbs, while the Carbon Driveshaft weights between 11 lbs (MT) to 13 lbs (DCT)E60 M5 weights to be confirmed. 

The YFCM transmission flange is carefully machined to reduce weight in key areas, notably the outmost sections of the flange to further reduce weight on the outer radius on the flange. The machining work also extends to the bolt holes and surrounding areas. 

This is engineered to reduce the initial moment of inertia, a key component to improving response. 

It's a lot more rigid. 

The 1 piece design eliminates the need for a center support bearing (CSB). This bearing introduces flex in the drivetrain and commonly fails on E9X M3 with higher mileage. 

The 1 piece designs improves the connected feel with the rear end of the E60 M5, which is known to be wobbly in factory form. 

Each carbon tube is tested on a proprietary torsional stress machine to over 5500nm of twisting force. 

It remains vibration free.

The 1 piece design retains the use of the flex disc on the transmission output shaft, a critical component to retaining street friendly, vibration free behaviours of the S65 drivetrain. 

As a result of superior carbon tube engineering & construction, the YFCM tubes do not have any glued on balancing weights. 

The superior engineering. 

Pre-Preg & Autoclaved Winded Carbon Tubes

The carbon tube itself is winded from pre-preg & autoclave carbon fiber sourced from sourced from Toray Industries

The signature carbon tube is known for its yellow braided & winded filament. 

It won't spin itself to pieces thanks to a patented flange design. 

M. Lee, owner and head of engineering at YFCM, holds multiple published patents for the flange in various countries, most importantly Germany and the US

The patented flange eliminates the chance of the tube from spinning free of the flange - a common issue experienced with other manufacturers. 

Proprietary Balancing

M. Lee also owns and operate an industrial automation company, from which he used his knowledge to develop proprietary stress testing equipment specific to carbon tube technology. 

Each driveshaft is individually crafted, spun to over 8000rpm. 

QC Results per driveshaft

Below are results from the proprietary testing equipment. Each driveshaft is tested, and I am currently discussing with YFCM to publish these results per order along with data on the OEM driveshaft.

For reference, most OEM 2 piece steel driveshafts have 2 to 3x times the measured vibrations compared to the YFCM "V2". 

Blue is the vibration value measured at the CV flange. Green is the vibration value measured at the Transmission output flange.



  • Made in Taiwan 
  • Patented flange with locking mechanism to prevent shaft slippage
  • CNC machined flanges from 7075 forged aluminum 
  • The "authentic" V2 features an Orange Anodized flange to further differentiate from other pretenders. 
  • Pre-preg & autoclave carbon fiber filament 
  • Signature yellow braided filament
  • Carbon sourced from Toray Industries
  • Tested & balanced beyond 8,000 RPM 
  • Vibration free 
  • 1 year replacement warranty 

Installation Notes

Professional installation is recommended. Professionals will taken around 3 to 5 hours depending on the condition of your M5. It requires removing the complete exhaust and heat shields.

Recommended new hardware:

To be listed per testing. 

Clearances & Measurements to validate your installation

CV Flange Telescopic Range

The CV Flange is a commercially available product designed with a telescopic range.

As the 1 piece carbon tube design is engineered to flex and move with the drivetrain, YFCM carefully engineered the tube length to match with the CV flange.

It must have a 64mm / 2.52 inches distance between both points pictured. 

Carbon Tube Clearances

As the carbon tube has an increased diameter over stock and is made of carbon, careful attention to clearances and free range of movement of the tube must be validated. There should be at least 20mm / 0.8 inches separating the tube from any physical element across the driveshaft valley. 

If you installation does not come within these specifications, you may have worn bushings across the drivetrain. I would recommend you inspect your bushings and mounts to ensure they are in proper condition. 

You need to meet these clearances before completing the installation as it may otherwise lead to catastrophic failure of the tube. 

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