S85 VANOS Aftermarket Solenoids

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They perform to OEM standards.

ISTA tests have them between 0.9 to 1.0

They are Plug & Play.

The connectors and o-rings are compatible with the OEM fittings.

They are warrantied for a year.

If they fail, they're replaced.

Save over 50% compared to Genuine BMW.

Every dollar counts when it comes to the V10.
Build Journal: mechanical program
The last of the high pressure VANOS.

The S85 VANOS was the latest for a reason: it was the arguably the most complex.

The high pressure pump, the internal & external line supporting 1,000 PSI + and its solenoids are all components known to fail.

As a part of my Build Journal entries in the Mechanical Program, I document the failure symptoms, these aftermarket solenoids and their performance.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

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VANOS Solenoids
VANOS Solenoids
VANOS Solenoids
VANOS Solenoids
VANOS Solenoids
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VANOS Solenoids

  • Factory Direct Process
  • Pricing TBD

Installation Notes

These require a bit of diassembly, and the access to one particular bolt is a PITA. A few VANOS bleeds are recommended.

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