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2024's Winter Group Buy

Once again, we're bringing together M owners across chassis and generations for a new YFCM carbon driveshaft group buy with the holidays coming up.

Update Feb '24: the last drop-out spots are available at 10% off. The first batch has shipped. ETA is end of Feb to early March.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

It's lighter than steel.

The YFCM carbon driveshaft saves between 10 to 15 lbs depending on the application.

It's stronger than steel.

The carbon tube was engineered and tested by YFCM to sustains forces on proprietary torsional stress machine to over 5500nm / 4000 ft lbs of twisting force. 

It doesn't vibrate, at any speeds.

The 1 piece design retains the use of the flex disc on the transmission output shaft, a critical component to remaining street friendly.

It's made from the highest quality carbon.

The YFCM carbon tube is is winded from pre-preg carbon fiber sourced in Japan from Toray Industries with the signature gold filament.

It can still flex.

YFCM uses an OEM grade CV flange to connect with the differential. It is oiled and telescopic, helping to absorb drivetrain shock in hard driving conditions.
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YFCM Carbon Driveshafts
YFCM Carbon Driveshafts
YFCM Carbon Driveshafts
YFCM Carbon Driveshafts
YFCM Carbon Driveshafts
YFCM Carbon Driveshafts


YFCM Carbon Driveshafts

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This is limited to 10x drop-out spots. ETA for delivery is end of February to early March.

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Solving the hard problem with a simple solution.

The self locking flange explained.
Patented Self Locking Flange

Machined from 7075 forged aluminum, the flange is a self-locking, sealed design.

It locks over the carbon tube, eliminating all probabilities for the tube to spin free of the flange, no matter the torque.

The US patent
Tested & Warrantied

Each driveshaft is individually tested on YFCM's proprietary machine. They are spun to over 8000rpm as a complete assembly.

Each unit has a 1 year replacement warranty.

Learn more about each applications

"Finally got round to fitting the carbon propshaft on my e92. One word wow! Revs up quicker and zero vibrations!"

"I said to myself wow, this is how I always thought it should feel: no vibrations, just solid feeling & amazingly smooth delivery.

It is complimented so well with the CAE street shifter, what a combination!"

"Mashing on the throttle is instantly translated to power – it’s like driving an electric car.

I was able to take it to 110 MPH (in Mexico) with 0 vibrations or humming. I’m ecstatic!"

Installation Procedures

The installation of the YFCM carbon driveshaft was relatively straight forward - it has mission-critical information and validation steps.

M. Lee @ YFCM Composites Technologies
Made in Taiwan

M. Lee is the man behind YFCM Composites Technologies and the patent holder to the signature technological innovations.

He also operates an industrial automation company in Taiwan. He used his knowledge to develop proprietary stress testing equipment specific to automotive carbon tube applications. 

YFCM has been the manufacturer all along for the MFactory V2 that was acclaimed by 500+ M3 V8 owners for years.

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