I try to make BMW M owners' life easier.
Matt / Founder
A social buying community for bMW M owners
We get together to buy parts

EuroConnex is about connecting BMW M owners to get the parts we need and share stories around our builds.

We research, test and curate quality products and get connected directly with manufacturers & distributors for payments & delivery.

We're now 5,000 + since launching in February 2021.

Why Euroconnex?
A counterculture.

Disconnected modern cars & the drive to electrification has created a profound desire to reconnect with analog experiences.

I believe this is converging to create a counterculture of BMW M owners that will try to keep their cars on the road.


Founder / @m3_epoustouflant

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My Personal Build Journals

The Orange Stripper.

E92 M3 2012

The Papi Express.

E60 M5 2006

The Phoenix.

E46 M3 2002


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