I curate parts I use on my own M cars [...]
and thoroughly document it all.
What I do
I try to reimagine my M cars and make BMW M owners life's easier in the process.

Enjoy the process,

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I've curated Exterior, Interior, Mechanical and Maintenance programs for products I have hands-on experience with.

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Read my Build Journals.

Throughout various Series, I write long form entries on products I develop, test and curate along with my ownership experiences.

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I created bespoke customization programs.

I collaborate with the best in the world to create bespoke programs surrounding specific parts. Tap right!

Bespoke Recaro Seat Program

Based off the Recaro Sporster CS and Pole Position ABE.

Bespoke Forged Wheel Program.

Based off the M359 and 163M styles.

Bespoke Paint Program.

Carbon panels, wings and various parts are painted to fulfill your vision.

Bespoke Mechanical Conversion Programs.

Want to swap a 6spd into a V10 amongst other things? It's here.
Why Euroconnex?

Disconnected modern cars & the drive to electrification has created a profound desire to reconnect with analog experiences.

I believe this is converging to create a counterculture of BMW M owners that will try to keep their cars on the road, forever.


7,000 + owners have joined since 2021.

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