BMW M owners getting together to buy parts.
Why Euroconnex?

Disconnected modern cars & the drive to electrification has created a profound desire to reconnect with analog experiences.

I believe this is converging to create a counterculture of BMW M owners that will try to keep their cars on the road, forever.

Enjoy the process,

I source products for BMW M cars I personally own.

I've curated Exterior, Interior and Mechanical programs for products I've used on my M cars.

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I document my ownership experiences.

Throughout various Series, I write long form entries on projects and products.

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I help you save time and money with retailers.

A select group of members will save on everything they will ever need at the world's biggest BMW parts retailers.

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6,500 + owners have joined since 2021.

EuroConnex connects like-minded BMW M owners to source parts.

The data shared at registration enables me to get the products we need, with the brands we want.

I try to reimagine my own M cars and make BMW M owners life's easier in the process.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

My Build Journals.

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The Stripper.

Where it all started: the E92 M3.

The PapiExpress.

It was just a dream: or is it a nightmare? The E60 M5.

The Phoenix.

It shall live on and thrive once more: the E46 M3.

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