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Getting together to learn from other BMW M owners

Build Journals will be a space for members to share their BMW M builds, stories and experiences in a long form format.

As a beta, I currently use my M cars to document my ownership experiences.

My Build Journals

The Stripper

Where it all started. The E92 M3.

Papi Express

It was just a dream: or is it a nightmare? The E60 M5.

The Phoenix

It shall live on and thrive once more. The E46 M3.


A lot of quality BMW M content is lost in the echo chambers of Social Media as we consistently get asked “which oil should I run?”.

Other platforms are optimized for clout-chasers. Forums have faded and act as directories.

... but the reality is just another space to chat about cars isn't enough.

I feel something more is needed to make a difference in BMW M ownership.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

Let's have a chat about it

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