Bespoke Forged Wheel Program
Our intentions
I want to re-create BMW M wheels with no compromises.

The resurgence of naturally aspirated BMW Ms is seeing new chassis improvements, track widening carbon body panels, and much improved tire compounds.

The Bespoke Forged Wheel Program offers re-creations of signature BMW M designs with improved technical specifications to enhance the driving experience and aesthetics of our M cars.

We create wheels that are lighter, stronger, better fitting with a wide range of finish options tailored to your specific needs.

- Matt

We're doing manufacturing like others don't.

We cast light into the opaque world of wheel manufacturing to equip you with fundamental knowledge to discern quality.
Tailored down to the milimeter.

Understanding your planned use, and its consequential alignment specifications, brake & tire selection along with your suspension setup will influence the recommended wheel specs.

The monoblock forged manufacturing process enables us to machine wheels in offsets tailored to your fitment objectives.

Each concavity profile and widths will have a specific offset range within which we can tailor your fitment.

Bespoke Program Highlights

Various width options.

The OEM wheels were constrained to narrow widths. We offer half inch increments to match your tire fitment goals. Widths availability will vary depending on wheel model.

Concavity Profiles

The concavity profiles can be spec'ed to the original front or rear wheels. You can retain the staggered profiles or opt for a matching front and rear set.

Powdercoated & Brushed Finishes.

Single and multi stage powdercoats are available along with brushed and tinted clear finishes.

Compatible with original hardware.

The wheels remain compatible with OEM center caps, cone seated bolts, stickers and TPMS.

Load rating optimization
Strength v Lightness

Wheel strength, lightness and design are intertwined variables in the development of a forged wheel.

In this Program, the design is a constant variable due to the intentions to retain similar aesthetics to originals.

As a result, the wheel's strength and weight will be dictated exclusively by the load rating.

A forged wheel with similar load rating to OEM will inherently be stronger, and lighter due to the forged manufacturing process.

A forged wheel with increased load rating to OEM will be vastly stronger, with similar weight figures.

OEM matching paint

The signature Silver finishes will be available.

We are currently testing various paint formulations to achieve the target colors.

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These are the wheel styles we currently support.

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