A teenage dream.

Back in 2012, I was shopping for an Interlagos Blue E60 M5 with plans to move to California.

Life circumstances changed my plans and I stayed in Canada.

I got my hands on one, for better or for worse. This is the BMW M equivalent of “cocaine and hookers”.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The Papi Express

In this entry, I document my rod bearing service on my original S85B50 engine (001). I briefly lay the fundamentals to bearings and discuss the rational for my bearing & bolts selection, along with the signature picture.
In this entry, the fix is also in for 6spd owners. The variant of the carbon driveshaft for the OEM and E9x M3 manual transmission converted M5s gets fitted to the 2x V10 M5 drift taxis from DriftTour.com
This entry covers my first impression and long term review over 9 months and 15,000KM with the flywheel and carbon driveshaft combination. I discern the benefits between both and set the expectations right. 
This entry covers the installation notes to the flywheel in collaboration with the guys at InnovAuto. It was all in all pretty straight forward.

My goal: making the V10 CSL that never made it to production.

I lay down the objectives, blueprints and get to trials and errors.
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