A teenage dream.

Back in 2012, I was shopping for an Interlagos Blue E60 M5 with plans to move to California.

Life circumstances changed my plans and I stayed in Canada.

I got my hands on one, for better or for worse. This is the BMW M equivalent of “cocaine and hookers”.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The Papi Express

In this entry, I forgot my gimble, grabbed Luigi, told him to hold on and got to record the new induction noises across the spectrum. 

Welcome to V10 breath works.
This entry covers my leakage issues, the potential culprits and how we got it fixed.

I doubled down: the SMG3 is damned no more. In this entry, I record a video clip and document my driving impressions with the YFCM carbon fiber driveshaft in a caricature that only SMG owners will resonate with: the anticipation flexes.

I take a dive into the SMG: what makes it uber fast, harsh, atrocious, and totally awesome.

Should we all give up and swap manuals - and keep chasing the DCT hopes and dreams?

I've compiled the preliminary checks, while-you're-in-theres, recommended hardware and installation notes along with final validation checks to fit the the carbon driveshaft to your SMG3 and 6spd V10.

My goal: making the V10 CSL that never made it to production.

I lay down the objectives, blueprints and get to trials and errors.
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