The Papi Express

In this entry, the S85-001 gets pulled, undressed and gifts some of its parts to the 002. Some are replaced, some are restored, some are upgraded. This is part 1 of 2 documenting the swap process
In this entry, new dishes get put in. We fit the new valvetrain package, finally bolt in the Schrick cams and we go through the VANOS re-timing protocols.
In this entry, the dishes get pulled. Nearly the entire OEM valvetrain gets removed. I take detours to discuss technicalities of hydraulic lifters, and the mechanism of a valve assembly.
In this entry, we finally get the S85-002 on a stand and get to work. The last accessories are removed, the V10 is drained and we turn it over to start with the obvious: connecting rod bearings - with a new twist.

My goal: making the V10 CSL that never made it to production.

I lay down the objectives, blueprints and get to trials and errors.
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