The last naturally aspirated BMW M
The M3 V8

This is where my love for BMW M started for me, and where EuroConnex took roots.

This is my 2nd E92 M3 and I intend to hold onto this one forever.

I have curated an extensive list of quality products from brands around the world.

I frequently run Social Buys to grow and support the E9X M3 community.

These brands support the E9X M3 community

OEM+ M359 19x10 & 19x11s

A modernized M359 in collaboration with AG Wheels.

The Authentic "V2" Carbon Fiver Driveshaft by YFCM

The real deal.

OEM+ Carbon Fiber Interior Trims

BMW M discontinued. We brought it back it in collaboration with CarboProject.

M Performance Style Carbon Caps

Crowdfunded in March 2021 in collaboration with Karbonius Composites, these are now available year long.

Lightweight Flywheel

A street friendly lightweight flywheel for DCT & MT S65 V8s.

Active Social Buys

Social Buys are Group buys, Crowdfundings and Pre-Orders for E9X M3 products.
In Stock: E9X M3 Carbon Driveshaft by YFCM
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Sportster CS by Recaro GmbH
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Pole Position ABEs by Recaro GmBh
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Incoming Social Buys

I do my best to give a heads up to members on what social buys I'm working on.

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It also helps me gauge interest and demand to better negotiate with brands.

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