My M3 V8 catalog.

Dubbed "The Stripper", this is the genesis car to EuroConnex. My end game is my blueprint on a GTS conversion.

Below you will find most products I've used and curated along the way.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

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Mechanical Program

With a focus on the driving experience.

Exterior Program

My take on the GTS'ification.

Interior Program

BMW discontinued its carbon trims, and never gave us a proper alcantara interior.


My must haves

A blend of driving experience, aesthetics and functional upgrades.
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I help you save money on everything you need for your E9x M3.

These cars are made to be driven, and they're not exactly affordable when doing the math per mileage.

I want to help you save on everything.

The Stripper's Build Journal.
It's the original car to EuroConnex.