The Generational Gap
It deserves to live on.

The E46 M3 was a faint signal on my radar: I understood the classic appeal yet it wasn't enough to trigger an emotional purchase.

Until it did.

After the E92 M3, I wanted a new challenge. I might just be in over my head.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The Phoenix

In this entry, we tackle the hard part about doors: the interior. We strip the original doors and I document all the little things that make an OE door fully functional. I draw the line between used parts that will be transfered and others that would be replaced.
In this entry, I touch on the completion of the mechanical refit, my modest DIY contributions and the final test fit of carbon panels before the final paint round.
In this entry, I touch on expectations of OE+ versus Motorsport, and we finally test fit the carbon doors along with the widened carbon fenders. I document the gaps, and body line alignments along with insights on how doors are aligned.
In this journal entry: craftsmen get better with repetition. I unbox my new steering wheel, and compare it to my first commissioned unit back in 2022.
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