The Generational Gap
It deserves to live on.

The E46 M3 was a faint signal on my radar: I understood the classic appeal yet it wasn't enough to trigger an emotional purchase.

Until it did.

After the E92 M3, I wanted a new challenge. I might just be in over my head.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The Phoenix

In this entry, it's time to strip. It isn't as sexy as it sounds: harsh chemicals, a lot of scrubbing, some sanding, a lot of patience and we might be in for surprises when everything's off. The end game is worth it: it's a body reset. 

This entry uncovers an uncomfortable truth: these E46s are old and have history you might not be aware of. 
I document my previous experiences with the V8 and V10, my driving impressions along those of another tester, Ryan, who's been able to tear it up down under in Australia.
The engine gets dropped, and the engine bay gets stripped and sprayed - but first, we have to talk about what OEM paint means in this context, and I answer the paintman's question. 

The Body.

The paint & body restoration, with a twist: I changed the color.

The Interior Program.

Everything related to my interior rejuvenation.

The Finesse Work.

Tackling the underpinnings of the infamous E46 chassis.
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