Limited premium membership
Getting together to buy parts beyond my curation.

ConnexPlus is a premium membership for the most demanding BMW M owners.

A select group of members will save on everything they will ever need for their BMW M cars at the world's biggest BMW parts retailers.

Save on all aftermarket brands [...]

Up to 10% off year long, on anything and everything from major brands.

and all Genuine BMW & OE replacement parts [...]

Up to 5% on every single consumable and replacement parts you'll ever need.

The leading brands, and more.

You'll save even more on must-have kits I have experience with on my cars.

Why ConnexPlus?
A counterculture is a group effort.

The curated catalogs of EuroConnex are my vision for my BMW M cars.

I understand we each have our own vision for our builds.

ConnexPlus is about helping you fufill that dream and helping you inspire others in creating their own.

Most importantly, I want to help you keep your BMW M cars on the road forever.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

Euroconnex is not a run-of-the-mill parts vendor - it's a vision designed to maximize the potential of the greatest cars ever made by BMW.

Matt's expertise and support has been crucial, whether it's for my E46 M3, E92 M3, or E60 M5. I love being able to find parts for any of the 3 through Euroconnex.

Thank you for being willing to take your idea to the next level and congratulations on how well you are executing! 

- Spencer / @fishbowlm3

The ConnexPlus process

Step 1: RSVP

ConnexPlus is currently on quantity limited, selection basis.

RSVP with your most up to date, accurate BMW M ownership information.

Step 2: Pay the membership fee

ConnexPlus is based on an annual commitment.

You will have access to savings all year long.

Step 3: Start saving!

You will be issued unique coupon codes to be used on the partnered retailers' stores.

Most likely in the future cohorts, yes!

Unfortunately no. The Connex Plus memberships is fore and foremost for BMW M owners.

Yes, as long as they are under your name and address. This isn't OG Netflix account.

You will shop, and checkout directly on the partnered retailers' website.

Yes, I plan on adding retailers specific to our common needs.

No! The membership doesn't carry over to the new owner. ConnexPlus is intended for those looking to keep their cars forever.

Connex Plus guarantee
If you don't save enough money, I'll refund you.

If you do not save atleast double the amount of the membership fee versus retail prices, I will refund you the difference.

It's that simple.