Connex Plus
Save on everything you need for your BMW M at your favourite retailers

The discounts are applied automatically, directly on their website.

Launching Q1 2022

Save on genuine BMW parts

Every single filter, bolt and part you'll ever need.

Save on aftermarket parts

Save on leading aftermarket brands at partnered retailers.

Save on tires

Tires remain our number 1 expense for most of us. Coming soon

Save on tools

For my DIY guys, this will be useful.

Save on shine

Every penny adds up.


Automatic Discounts

When you sign on Connex +, partnered retailers will create and automatically assign discounts to your account on their website.

Discount Preview (Soon)
Early Access Pricing

Connex + members have exclusive timely access to Early Access Pricing on all eligible Social Buys on EuroConnex.

Exclusive Promotions

As we share limited data on our build journal goals & projects, partenered retailers offer timely, exclusive promotions for Connex Plus members.

Keep track of your build budget

All your orders at every participating retailer is synchronized back to your Connex account.

VIN Locked

Your membership is specific to your BMW M and is locked to your VIN at each retailer.

Connex Plus is a privilege, don't cheat this.

The process

Sign up for Connex+

Create your Connex Plus account and pay the membership fee.

It's good for one year.

Pricing TBD
Create your build journal

Your Build Journal is your current BMW M status check, and your dream project build list.

I use this data to get partnered retailers to offer the right deals, at the right time.

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Grassroots marketing is difficult and communities are fragmented across different social media platforms.

EuroConnex gathers some of the most influential BMW M owners worldwide with the common goal to get the parts we need.

Unfortunately no. The Connex Plus memberships will be VIN locked specifically to BMW M cars.

Participating Retailers to be announced soon.

The backstory
Connex Plus

I launched EuroConnex in February 2021 with the vague objective of developing a social buying community.

As it evolved over the last year, I found myself straying from community building into traditional online parts store operations: tracking numbers, order updates, etc.

This is not what I seek to build.

EuroConnex is about BMW M owners getting together to source the parts we need to keep our cars on the road, forever.

I want us to save on every single parts we will ever need for our M cars.



Connex Plus guarantee
If you don't save enough money, I'll refund you.

If you do not save atleast double the amount of the membership fee versus retail prices, I will refund you the difference.

It's that simple.

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