Where it all started.

The E9X M3 is where my love for BMW M started for me, and where EuroConnex took roots.

It's 2nd, and last E9x M3: I intend to hold onto this one forever.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The Stripper

I touch on the multi-dimensional removal of the OEM fenders, set up expectations with the Genuine BMW fitment and test fit the passenger side of the kit. I finish it up by answering various questions I've received about the kit and give my final impressions.
In this entry, I lay out the goals, unbox one of the first kit ever produced and touch on its design and functional features.
In this entry, we start with the basics. I cover my unboxing impressions the E92 OE+ Carbon Trunk. It is both a stand alone product, and will serve as the basis to develop the CSL signature ducktail.
In this entry, we finally complete the kit by installing the rear components. We touch on the usual rapid restorations while in there, pump to eternity and I give a preview to my initial impressions.

TL;DR: shifting bias to the rear is real.
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