If BMW M Performance was a thing in 2005.

If BMW M Performance was a thing in 2005.

"It's about damn time."

In the words of @kingjames circa 2012

Bye bye Papiwood: we're pulling the wrinkles back and going back to the future.

OEM level quality carbon fiber interior trims for the E60 M5 are here (nearly).

The BMW Performance CS or whatever BMW's M Marketing would have called it back then and sold for 5,000$ with financing.

They never did.

Thus, the E60 pre-LCI with CCC is on the podium as one of the worst BMW interiors of all time.

Recent OEM BMW carbon interiors often look amazing but the aftermarket guys get really-tacky-quickly with it.

They don't contrast carbon with other materials, they overdo it.

The job is most often from the latest overlay guy on the block with wavy weaves pointing the wrong direction, thick epoxy and dust specs at close inspections.

I get it, it's expensive and everything is “real carbon” but not really: I say do it right or don't do it, like most things with these cars.

I opted to retain the OEM silver SMG surround & shift knob, I might paint those black shorty.

My kit contains the 2x dash trims, the center console with ashtray, the accessory cover and the 4x pre-LCI door trims. 

The guy making these has been at it for 15 years, and uses the same pre-preg & autoclave process as Genuine BMW carbon trims.

Yea, he's German - it's René.

Yes to LCI, Manual, RHD, CIC center consoles, SMG surround, 1x1 weave and matte finish. No to steering wheel trim (for now).

The waiting list is available under the E6X M5/M6 Curated Catalog here

More info on pricing later.

I just need to go to bed and recover before I tackle the dreadful door panels of the pre-LCI E60 M5.

Installed pictures coming soon. 

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