Bespoke Paint Program
Custom painted products and services.
Our intentions
We want to bridge the gap in the paint & body problem.

I have received too many DMs and messages from BMW M owners about their hardships in finding a trustworthy paint shop doing quality work.

Based on a decade in and around this industry, I am now offering a bespoke paint service on all products available on EuroConnex, and more.


These products are customized in-house and readily available.

We are doing the hard work others don't.

We cast light into the opaque world of paint and body to equip you with fundamental knowledge to discern quality.
Bespoke Service

Any curated parts, any color paint match, any finish, and any artwork.

We sourced quality carbon body panels that are manufactured to your desired specifications first.

They are then delivered to the shop, and the bespoke paint & body work is performed, documented and the panels delivered to you.


A complete plug and play service.

We can source brand new Genuine BMW hardware to test fit, adjusted and perform the final fitment for a complete plug and play experience - when applicable!

The raw panels and parts I can source for this program

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, depending on the work involved. We prioritize extensive paint & body work.

Got questions? Reach out.

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