Payments & Delivery
Factory Direct

The overwhelming majority of products available on EuroConnex operate under the Factory Direct process.

As you lock in a Connex by placing an order, your order information is shared with the brand.

They invoice you directly via PayPal or Stripe. The products are shipped directly from the brands.

We cut out the middleman & I don't manage payments - we save on fees across the board.

- Matt

M Owners Only
Your Connex Account

EuroConnex is a members-only community. Prices are private to abide with MAP pricing policies of various brands.

It's currently the only way I am able to offer these brands at the prices I do.

Your account will have orders ETA and tracking information synchronized with the partnered brands on EuroConnex.


No M tax here.

Your data helps the community. I don't sell it, I don't spam inboxes.

The limited data you provide at sign up allows me to develop partnerships with brands & distributors.

Social Buying Formats

Group Buys

Group Buys are used to get popular products at wholesale discounts.

Brands adjust their production schedules to fit us in. They benefit from economies of scale and pass along savings to the community.


Crowdfundings are used to raise the required funding to get brands to develop products specifically for the community's requirements.

This has been used with great success and is at the core of EuroConnex.

Pre Orders

Pre-Orders are usually quantity limited and allow the community to get allocations on hard to get products.

With the current supply chain issues, getting our stuff on time may be more important than deals.

Year Long Specials

Curated Catalog

If you want it now - you don't need to wait.

Products listed under Curated Catalog sections are available year long for members.

Your M Chassis

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get on waiting lists for incoming Social Buys here.

I currently curate product specifically for M cars, and mostly E series generations.

I am thinking about it and currently on the hunt for an M4 CS or M2C.

If you have quality issues, or products that were not delivered yet, please get in touch with me.

I have a RMA (Returns & Exchange) manual system with brands.

It allows me to keep track of issues and evaluate the brands I partner with.

I am working to make this information transparent, and public with a review system beyond the usual rating out of 5 stars we've come to expect.

As of January 2022, I still run many offers with the sole goal to further my Build Journals to source parts I need.

EuroConnex makes a slight commission from some offers that go towards supporting the development of the community.

I do not require the margins of traditional retailers & distributors due to the cost efficiencies in the business model.

This is still a part time, side hustle project for me.

Connex Plus Beta

Save on everything you need for your BMW M at your favourite retailers.