The data shared at registration enables me to get the products we need, with the brands we want.

Data is a conversation starter with you and brands. It remains confidential with the exception to order fufillment needs.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant
brand policies
Minimum Advertising Price

Registration is also required to abide with pricing policies of various brands.

Not all of them have such policies, but many do.

They are legal, and enforced by brands to protect their distributors, retailers and overall brand perception.

The member's data has helped create these unique parts.

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S85 CSL Carbon Plenum

1:1 CSL Carbon Diffuser

Custom AP Clubsport BBK

S54 Carbon Driveshafts

Payments & Delivery
Factory Direct Process

The majority of products I've curated are on a Factory Direct process.

Brands invoice you.
Brands ship to you.

This process also allows me to stay objective towards brands, members and myself.

We all make mistakes, how they get fixed matters.


The different ways we get together to buy parts.

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We get on lists.

Lists are used to gauge the commuity's needs on new product ideas and early development.

We crowdfund.

Crowdfundings are used to derisk projects by raising funds to support brands that develop products we want.

We pre-order.

Pre-Orders allow members of the community to get allocations on hard to get products.

We group buy.

It's a redux of the forum lists on a user-friendly platform. In short, we hit a quantity threshold and we get a deal.

You can also get most parts year long, individually.

Connex Plus
A premium membership for the most demanding BMW M owners.

A select group of EuroConnex members will save on everything they will ever need for their BMW M cars.