The data shared at registration enables me to get the products we need, with the brands we want.
Payments & Delivery
Factory Direct

The majority of products available operate on the Factory Direct process.

As you lock in an order, your order information is shared with the brand.

They invoice you. They ship to you.

I don't manage payments, we save on fees.

The Factory Direct process allows to me stay objective towards brands & members.

Social Buys
The different ways we get together to buy parts.

Crowdfundings are used to raise the required funding to get brands to develop products specifically for the community's requirements.

This has been used with great success and is at the core of EuroConnex.

Group Buys

Group Buys are redux of the old forum lists on a user-friendly platform.

The concept remains unchanged: we hit a threshold and we get deals.

Brands benefit from economies of scale and pass along savings to the community.

Pre Orders

Pre-Orders are usually quantity limited and allow the community to get allocations on hard to get products.

With the current supply chain issues, getting our stuff on time may be more important than deals.

In-Stock Flash

In-Stock Flash are opportunities to get products immediately, with no manufacturing or pre-order lead-time.

Curated catalogs feature parts available year long.

Premium Memberships
Connex Plus

Share data about your projects.
Save on everything you need.

Your Connex Account

Your account stores your registration information and upcoming Build Journals.

It will have orders ETA and tracking information synchronized with the partnered brands on EuroConnex.

Registration is also required to abide with MAP pricing policies of various brands. 

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