Bespoke Camshaft Programs.
Our intentions
Reaching the zenith of natural aspiration: 125hp/liters.

In 2023, I set out to empirically prove, or disprove an hypothesis: could we reach 125hp/liters on naturally aspirated S54B32, S65B40 and S85B50 engines?

To achieve this, I started from the baseline of standard bolt-on upgrades and dove into the world of high duration camshafts and valvetrain upgrades.

The benefits to camshaft upgrades on the S54 were well documented, however the S65 and S85 were unknowns. The few public information sources claimed little to no gains were achievable.

- Matt

We had one way to go: higher.

Without a bore and stroke increase, we needed to find power at higher revs.

As of 2024, I'm happy to report the hypothesis has been proven right.


S85-EVO: 522whp at 8,420 RPM

S65-EVO: TBD at xxxx RPM

The highest duration camshafts compatible with dual VANOS.

At the core of each engine's program are Schrick cams, with the highest available duration that remains compatible with each engine's dual VANOS system.

All camshafts are sourced directly from Schrick, in Germany. As the leading camshaft manufacturer in the world, they are the only brand I trust.

Enabling higher revs.
Uprated, lightened valvetrains.

The high duration camshafts enable increased power gains, at potentially higher RPMs.

The original BMW valvetrain need to be lightened, and uprated to safely rev higher, uncorking the power from the selected cams.

Valvetrain components were selected from various high profile manufacturers in the US, and Germany.

Program Highlights

MY/MM specific packages.

Each engine has its unique specifications depending on production year and month.

I have researched and documented these differences to derisk the installation of camshafts in M engines.

Mandatory hardware

The installation of the EVO packages require mandatory replacement of specific one time use parts.

The packages include Genuine BMW hardware required.

Auxiliary hardware.

The kits also include relevant hardware for while-you're-in-there refresh of components otherwise rarely addressed such as valve seals.


Optimized off the shelf engine maps.

I have worked with various tuners to develop engine maps specific to the EVO packages.

Tuning was focused on drivability, with hours of road testing across various weather conditions, with final tuning for optimal performance on dyno tuning sessions.

The tuning can thus be offered remotely, without requiring increased costs of dyno tuning.

These are the engines I currently support

Frequently Asked Questions


Per our protocols, yes. However, it does not require the engine be put on a stand.

I do not. Go big or don't do it at all.

complete turnkey solution
Let us install it!

In collaboration with InnovAuto, we have established protocols to efficiently install the SXX-EVO engine upgrades.

We are able to manage transportation of your entire car, or engine. If your engine is blown, I can source a used unit as well.

As these projects are bespoke in nature, please get in touch to discuss.

Got questions? Reach out.

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