M359 Forged Wheel Program

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Machined to any specs.

I will help you pick the right wheel specs to match your target fitment.

A new paint level.

The signature Hypersilver finish will be leveled up with proprietary paint formulations for improved durability.

[...] and they will fit with OE hardware.

OE bolts, center caps, TPMS, valve caps and M stickers will all fit.

Optional lightening.

Back pad machining to further lighten the wheels will be possible for those that want more, with less.
Build Journal: A special series
The wheels BMW M should have built.

With the release of the E92 M3 GTS, BMW M introduced what is arguably the greatest wheel design ever produced: the M359. 

In 2021, I introduced the OE+ flowformed M359s in 19x10J and 19x11J. They are the best alternative to OEM wheels, and a lesser price tag to boot.

Some needed more with less. They wanted wider and lighter. They've been wanting forged all along.

This is it.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

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M359 Forged Wheel Program
M359 Forged Wheel Program

M359 Forged Wheel Program

  • EuroConnex Exclusive
  • Custom offsets

Preliminary Specs:

  • Monoblock forged construction
  • Hybrid manufacturing by AG Wheels
    • Forgings are machined in China
    • Backpad machining is made in the USA
    • Paint & Powdercoat is done in the USA
    • Final Quality Control is done in the USA 
  • Custom painted and powdercoated finishes. 
    • Enhanced signature Hypersilver finish is available
  • Customizable widths and offsets, no spacers required. 
  • 1:1 replica of spoke profile
  • Track optimization package:
    • Backpad race pocketing
    • Knurled bead
  • Compatible with OEM bolts, center caps, stickers, TPMS.
  • Weights to be announced
Hybrid engineering & manufacturing
Made by AG wheels

AG Wheels, also known as AvantGarde wheels, has been in business for close to 20 years offering cast wheels sourced from Asia.

They have since pivoted to offering forged wheels lineup, making it close to 70% of their business.

AG has developed new supply chain processes to combine the low machining costs of forgings in China, with their in-house engineering and quality control processes for backpad machining, finishing and final quality check.

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Recommended hardware

- Genuine BMW floating center caps (SKU 36122455269)
- Genuine BMW 12x1.5x26mm wheel bolts (SKU: 36136781150)
- Genuine BMW M wheel sticker (SKU: 36112228660)

Member cars with OE+ flowformed M359s
Pictures shown were with the previous flow formed version.